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Agility 18-03-2010 15:39

Make Money While Cruising - List
I'd like to create an exhaustive list of how folks who are deeply passionate about cruising have also found ways to make money while cruising.

Here a quick list to start us off:

1. Writing books
2. Editing magazines
3. Charter own boat
4. Software development

Let's try not to include, sail a while then work a while, but how can you make money while sailing.

Keep the list going so the next idea is number 6.

idpnd 18-03-2010 15:43

You got all the main telework options there (I hate offices and mornings, I do telework mostly, it's great), some seem to provide boaty services on the go e.g. canvas/sail/welding/engine/hull scraping work

Agility 18-03-2010 15:55

In the back of my mind I've always wondered if there is a good set of marketable skills that many cruisers have that I could somehow create a business around and hire cruisers. Maybe this list could help somehow.

I've seen ads asking folks to sail into the massive garbage dumps of plastic in the oceans and provide back data. That's one that I've wondered if it could be monetize-able.

I've also wondered if folks could crowdsource highly accurate charts. Meaning, have everyone send in their depth and GPS information while moving around. Pay a small amount to create the waypoints and charge a little for the more accurate charts.

But perhaps this list would simply open up some new ideas on how folks are making some money right now?

Eleven 18-03-2010 16:04

Feed back from cruising boats is just what the commercial cruisers Weather Forecasters really need. Are any of them prepared to put in the gear for free in exchange for a payment per mileage?
Charting too, especially in the less well charted areas, must be the sort of stuff that Navies, in the days of fast strike/patrol boats, will need one day.
But that may lead to the cruisers being seen as a spy. Not a good prospect.
Weather data would be 'peaceful', charting may be suspect.

Pblais 18-03-2010 16:15


In the back of my mind I've always wondered if there is a good set of marketable skills that many cruisers have that I could somehow create a business around and hire cruisers.
Some skills are illegal. Not that you would be criminal because of what you do, but because you do them as an illegal alien. Learn from the workers that cross the US border. Stay off the radar, don't get caught, and be smart enough to know when you could be. Stealing a high tech job from a local - busted! Competing with the lowest level workers - busted. At worse you'll get under cut so bad you wouldn't try. Easy jobs that don't take much - don't pay much! People who think you might will turn you in.

You can't work in a country legally without a work visa. You need to think like an alien. Do what they do to keep from being captured.

Doctors and RN's usually work well because they need them so bad that they look the other way or can get the paperwork so it can. Not too many jobs fit that level of golden.

Gallivanters 18-03-2010 16:32

I've supported myself and family while cruising for the past 16 years by getting odd jobs as a boat captain / marine technician whenever we've settled in a port for any length of time.

"Family" - the ultimate souvenir for a cruising sailor! I began as a solo sailor... and now there are three of us!

I have skipper's tickets issued by Australia & the USA and they don't weigh us down one little bit. They're both recognized around the world AND they enable me to top-up the cruising kitty while exploring local waters in depth while our own boat remains at anchor in the exotic ports we've liked enough to want to stay longer.

To Life! Aboard!


Agility 18-03-2010 16:35


Originally Posted by Pblais (Post 421082)
Some skills are illegal.

Something I hadn't considered. I assume this would only apply to physical labor?? I can't imagine being told I can't write a book or software but maybe charting would fall into the illegal category??

Future Vision 19-03-2010 18:01

I have often thought about buying a small marina maybe one with a small restaurant in a small coastal community. Notice the "small" as in not spending a fortune to get started. What a great retirement job that would ensure I am active in boating.

Has anyone else ventured into the marina biz?

sailorboy1 19-03-2010 18:48

Lets talk jobs in demand or up and coming:

- drug running
- boat pizza delivery
- boat water delivery
- dingy retrival (from those that took it)
- new and up and coming - pirate reverage agent
- midnight slapping halyard line cutter
- old wind generator noise controller
- new people pulling into the docks ticket scalpers
- turn off that frekin generator notice poster
- diver to check our boat bottom because we have been here long enough to see what's in the water!

These probably aren't what you all were thinking of, but oppuntity knocks!

daddle 19-03-2010 19:15

6. Direct deposit on the dividend checks :thumb:

Agility 19-03-2010 20:12


Originally Posted by daddle (Post 421617)
6. Direct deposit on the dividend checks :thumb:

Yep, that's basically what I hear from successful venture capitalists. I don't think work has to be "work" but perhaps the answer is if you're lucky enough to be cruising, enjoy it to the full extent and forget about working unless you absolutely have to.

However, I can't accept that yet. I think there are a lots of really smart folks on boats that could somehow contribute to making money.

Age 19-03-2010 20:51

Why not make a travel agency that charges people cost of food and expense plus a little bit extra to go on a vacation aboard any registered liveaboards with your company. Registered liveaboard teaches the client to sail (and charges the client), they cook for the client, they take them fishing, and drop them off at various islands to have fun. Gives them the experience of living aboard without having to buy a boat. You then have another component of the business that sells live aboard boats to the people 'sold' to the idea of living in one as well as giving them a discount if they participate as a free tour giver to attract new clients.

Can be marketed as a wild adventure that money cannot buy and targeted to middle aged people and college students who either are seeking adventure or lived a life without and are hitting a midlife crisis. You'll have a wide array of places to visit and could in theory provide a lot of business to people who live aboard.

It is personalized and has more freedom than a cruise boat because the client will eventually be able to sail it themselves and decide where they want to go. It can be pulled into a system that runs itself, and so many people who liveaboard who are starving will have a good source of income.

Hows that Agility?

barnakiel 19-03-2010 21:36

Street acts - all sorts of things you can show to people passing by in the streets of big touristy towns. If you are good at something you can easily make your living this way.


Agility 19-03-2010 21:47


Originally Posted by barnakiel (Post 421687)
Street acts - all sorts of things you can show to people passing by in the streets of big touristy towns. If you are good at something you can easily make your living this way.


I did meet a puppeteer who tried to convince me to take up his trade. He was in Palma de Mallorca and made a decent living. But, I never saw him leave the dock.

Agility 19-03-2010 21:52

Why not create a travel agency/charter company that charges to go on a vacation aboard a cruising yacht?

That could probably work. I chartered once and they all claimed to have a relationship with the crew.

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