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starfish62 19-04-2006 06:12

Update on the good ship Rover
I know that Elie has been conversing on line with several members of this board about his circumnavigation and his Pierson 33. Thought you might be interested to know that he has arrived in Raiatea. As it is Easter weekend he has been stuck with everything...even the few restaurants...closed. There is an internet cafe there so I should have more updates soon.
Starfish (the one left at home)

Charlie 19-04-2006 06:47

good news:

I remember 20 years ago arriving on Hiva Oa on Good Friday. Talk about shutdown. You must feel releif knowing all is well.


starfish62 21-04-2006 06:44

Well, the boat was in good shape. A battery or two may need to be replaced and a bilge pump went out. Of course, $70 batteries there are $300 but still, Elie had been imagining many worse things to repair. He plans on leaving Raiatia this week to head for Tonga. Sounds like he is skipping the Cooks. Our only communication is occasional email that is typed on a French keyboard so is very short. Only 45 more days till I join him!!!!

Charlie 21-04-2006 09:20

shame about missing the cook islands they are fantastic. I be t you are excited about joining the trip.


BC Mike 21-04-2006 15:41

Cook Islands
A chief on Raratonga has an R Type Bentley, I need to know if it is still running. They do about 15mpg so it may be parked.

Steve Kidson 21-04-2006 15:48

Easter Shut Down
We arrived in Raratonga, Cook Islands, on Easter Sunday a couple of years ago. Everything was closed except a few souvenir type shops and stalls - we were on a small cruise ship.

The place was beautiful, as is much of the South Pacific Islands, and it was a peaceful place to be on Easter Sunday.

Fair winds


BC Mike 21-04-2006 15:55

NZ gets its oranges from there.
It is always a culture shock when the plane with North Americans going to NZ stops in Raratonga to pick up some locals.

starfish62 25-04-2006 04:49

cost of batteries in FP
Copy of an email from Elie...with choice parts left out of course!

So, I need some batteries here in Paradise. Three of my 4 are dead after three years of abuse. A Frenchman here told me of some Polish guys in Papeete who have a solar business and sell "good" batteries. So I buy 4. As I carry them up the ladder to the boat I notice they are lighter than the old ones, which weighed about 60 lbs each. As I unpack them I notice that they are dry. . . there is no fluid in them. So I go back to the pallet they were shipped on and there I find a 40 litre (about 10 gallon) container labled "acide sulpherique." Seems I have to lug the container to the boat and fill each of the little cells with this stuff. So when was the last time you climed a rickety ladder with 40 litres of "acide sulpherique" on your shoulder? Let me tell you, it is not much fun! But the batteries are installed, and I should go in the water this week.

Let's hope that that is all that is wrong!

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