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bobs 05-03-2010 23:30

Problems with ST60 TriData Repeater
Hello sailors,

For some time now i've been having some probs with the my tridata repeater.
Periodically the unit shutsdown , restarts on its own with a bleep and all the logdata is lost.
The total logdata stored in the memory is not lost though.
Ok , i can check the distance of my daily trips by using the total log , but it must be said , the daily log is much handier isn't it.

I was wondering, what could be the reason for that switching off and on again. Its just the tridata unit that goes blank for a second. And as far as i know , there's no circumstantial reason for it to go haywire , it does that in random way. Lets say once or twice everyday.

Has anyone experienced the same malfunction ? And if so , how to correct it ?

Thanks alot for the input

r.furborough 06-03-2010 04:33

Check the SeaTalk cable is fully pushed in on the back of the unit and that the connectors are not green. This happens sometimes as the connector is a 'push-fit' and there is no mecahnical retention per-se.

ActiveCaptain 06-03-2010 05:41

Raymarine tells me that the biggest problem they come across with ST60-era devices is that low voltage makes them mess up. Is there any chance that you're low on battery voltage and a pump kicks in to drop voltage a little more making the display go away for a second?

bobs 06-03-2010 23:57

I will indeed check the given advice.

Perhaps the problem is allready solved without my knowing it at this time.
You see , on my other thread " GPS receiver in parallel " , I stated that my raystar 120 went broke , and i must admit , from the start I had some woes with this troublesome model. Maybe , just maybe , the gps receiver projected some glitches to the ST60 because the rayman seatalk supply was connected on the seatalk output/input of that tridata repeater.
I'll see what the next season will bring , but in the mean time I might check all the seatalk connectors again and clean the contacts thoroughly.

Thanks for the tips.

Kind regards

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