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Sandero 14-04-2006 14:42

You can leave your boat on a mooring, which is like being anchored, but with much heavier gound tackle and someone who presumably watches out for the vessels on their moorings.

I have only paid for a slip or dock a few times in 20 yrs, once at then end of the Marion Bermuda race, and once when I sailed to Portland and waited for someone to arrive... who I had to pick up. As I recall there wasn't much of an anchorage in Portland...

Pblais 14-04-2006 14:49

Dear Sean,

This is your computer. I've dragged anchor and am headed to places unknown. I've activated the GPS tracking so if you ever do find me you can trace back to all the owners of everything I bounced off and probably destroyed.

I have a pretty good head start on you so catch me if you can. Sailing really is mostly about being there.

ssullivan 14-04-2006 15:10

DefJef: How do you use a mooring without paying? The old chew and scr*ew??

Paul: Pretty funny! ha ha I was thinking of having it send something just like what you wrote actually. Even though it would be a very stressful time, at least it would remind you to keep a sense of humor. Really though... I am attempting to find out if I can access (find a pointer to) the actual GPS location, so it could send out coordinates, or some track info so I would know what general direction it took off in.

CaptainK: I'm not writing all this from scratch. I'm writing a small program to interface with my chartplotting software. It would poll the chart plotting software for an "anchor drag status", then send out the text message if it happens, along with some other data. This will only run on OSX, so I'm not selling it! :) Maybe I'll give it away or put it up as shareware when I'm done.

CaptainK 14-04-2006 15:38


ssullivan once whispered in the wind
This will only run on OSX, so I'm not selling it! :) Maybe I'll give it away or put it up as shareware when I'm done.
Hey Sean.

I'll take it for free!!:D

Sandero 14-04-2006 16:14

Of course you have to pay for rental moorings. My point was that I avoid marinas like the plague and if I had to leave my boat, I would prefer a mooring to a slip. More safe, secure, clean and less expensive.

ssullivan 14-04-2006 17:26


I was joking a bit... I assumed you meant something else. Anyway, I prefer moorings over slips too. Slips annoy me since I like my boat to point into the wind (except when sailing!) :)

I was more wondering how cruisers leave their boats for extended periods of time, and if anyone has done this without paying for a slip/mooring. Alas, this is probably a thread hijack, so I'll start a new thread to cover that quesiton.

ssullivan 14-04-2006 17:27

Rick.... ha ha ha... funny! I like that.

Pblais 14-04-2006 17:42


Let me know what you are up to. I write software for a living. If you need help I'm yours. There has to be another fool that would pay for stuff like this. It would a hoot. The only thing I ask is I have to be CC: ed on the the mail when you drag (maybe you won't). That way I could post it here before you got back :) . Even with selective availability off you still have a 75 Ft range of error. That boat is really going to have to be long gone before you get the message or you will be really ticked off.

Also one phone call from the Pentagon and the GPS error turns into 150 yards. I was in the GPS biz back when they first turned SA on. Anchor drag on a GPS isn't worth much. When it works it's too late.

Some neighbors were bringing a trawler back to VA from FL and in NC they dragged at night. They went 2 miles before they woke up in the middle of the night on the Ditch. They were lucky! They never hit anything!

Luck still counts! Pray for more.

hammerfelt 14-04-2006 19:58

I love being on the hook, but I have also done the marina thing, and have enjoyed both. However this has been on the Chesapeake, where the marinas on the Eastern shore are a real thing to visit.

Sean's idea is excellent -- maybe I would also leave my own boat on the hook then. What ways do you have of connecting your computer to navigation software? I have an old titanium I could use, but my garmin 76 only hooks up to an old PC with the serioal cable... I am interested in finding out what other mac users are doing by way of software, charts, and connectivity.

The text message idea is excellent!!! Perhaps it could also broadcast whenever SA is off... Then you know not to worry if it says you're draggind 150 ft.


Tropic Cat 14-04-2006 21:59

Florida Marina's are disappearing

Originally Posted by CaptainK
So "any" marina. Are you referring "just" along the east coast & the gulf coast? Or just anywhere in the world?....


The way Marina's are disappearing here in Florida (lost to condo projects) and the way cities like Miami have basically banned cruisers from anchoring, this discussion might have to specifically name the country you plan on cruising in. :mad:

Rick in Florida

CaptainK 14-04-2006 22:36


The way Marina's are disappearing here in Florida (lost to condo projects) and the way cities like Miami have basically banned cruisers from anchoring, this discussion might have to specifically name the country you plan on cruising in.
I couldn't disagree with you more, on this subject.

A while back here on the forum. I forgot who mentioned it. But, the issue of Florida's marina's disappearing due to building more & more condo's.

It's the landowners fault mostly here? They're greedy. And they know they can make more money. By building more condo's.:eek:

As for the issue about Miami, no allowing cruisers to anchor. I seriously didn't know about that issue. Now that's another bad example of Miami for you there!!

Talbot 15-04-2006 06:13


Others have been experimenting with use of messages from onboard. However nobody has bothered with the anchor circle routine, primarily for the reasons already given.

However co and speed through the water and position can give early information on the boat being stolen. bilge pump activation is seen as an important message. as are smoke/gas/fire alarms and intruder alerts. IMHO you also need to add battery alert, and the elegant way to forward the alert is by mobile text message or by email (dependent on life style)

Tropic Cat 15-04-2006 06:27

a response

Originally Posted by CaptainK
I couldn't disagree with you more, on this subject.

CaptainK.. now where in my post did I assign blame to landowners? I merely stated a fact, marinas are disappearing, and no new ones are being built.

Greedy landowners? Did I press a button here? People have the right to do whatever they want with their property, as long as it conforms to the law. If you insist on assigning blame, how about the cities, counties and state for not setting aside waterfront property for boaters just as they've dilligently and responsibly set aside land for parks and recreation?

As to the city of Miami, do a search, it's all over the internet and mentioned in any sailing magazine I've picked up in the last 15 months. It would seem that the view from those lovely million dollar condos built on waterways is being spoiled by those undesirable cruisers.

Now why is it that a factual post is made to this forum and uninformed people attack? I've done my homework, it's unavoidable as I live here.

Rick in Florida

swagman 15-04-2006 07:17

We like both...........
We go into marinas when we want a good restaurant, bar or just to tour inland and explore.

IMO if all one ever does is sail - I don't think really experience the world - you just see either ocean or a coastline.

We also stop at anchor when we find a nice spot, want a quiet night, and wish to save money.

IMHO, both can be more than just enjoyable most of the time.


Brent Swain 15-04-2006 12:35

Moor or anchor
Luckily I live in a part of the world where landlocked , perfect hurricane holes are plentiful. Two big delta anchors of the stern ( off the bow she swings more and thus puts more chafe and load on the ground tackle) hold her in any conditions .Metal hatches , locked from the inside by reaching thru a ventilator would make a break in a half day project , impossible without power tools. A low crime rate as well as friends living aboard nearby , makes leaving the boat for several weeks at a time an easy option.
Those solar panel yard lights make good anchor lights , very easy on kerosene.

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