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phmadeira 28-02-2010 18:07

How Much Is Insurance for a Catamaran ?
Hello, how much do you pay to get your catamaran insured ?

Captain Bill 28-02-2010 18:40

I've been quoted from 1 to 2% of the value. I pay about a 10% premium for use below Morehead city but north of South Carolina during hurricane season. This is for coverage on the US east coast including the Bahamas. If I wanted to keep it further south I've been told the premium would double, and perhaps tripple.

phmadeira 28-02-2010 23:59

How people do when they go around the world ?
How people do when they go around the world ?

barnakiel 01-03-2010 13:23

Below 5% in my area, less if the boat is new, less if the owner is the skipper (vs. a charter boat).


TabbyCat 02-03-2010 15:37

There are too many variables to just ask how much it costs:
~ Value of Catamaran?
~ Navigation Territory?
~ Your experience?
~ Age of Catamaran?
~ Personal or Charter?
~ Etc
Yes, it could be from just under 1% to 4% of the value of the boat. That's a huge range, when you think about it- over 4 times more for a charter boat in the Caribbean than a private boat in the Chesapeake!

Send me an e-mail or PM if you want a hard figure.

Best Regards,

barnakiel 02-03-2010 19:29


Originally Posted by phmadeira (Post 412294)
How people do when they go around the world ?

Some with, some without.


TabbyCat 03-03-2010 10:41

There are companies that specialize in insuring offshore boats; these companies & policies are different from the local/coastal policies that you may have already contacted.

Yes, you can get a policy with "Worldwide" navigation, but most people don't go around around the world in the 12-month policy period. So you would start off by asking for a quote through an offshore/world cruising insurance company for just the navigation that you will need for the first 12 months.

And you can get full hull coverage, or if you can't afford that, you can get P&I Liability Only coverage.

Best Regards,

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