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mudbug 24-02-2010 07:40

Yet ANOTHER Catamaran Advantage . . .
You get a great carport, large enough for a full sized car, with room to spare!

We are in the yard for annual maintenance on Indigo Moon.

The is when good bridgedeck clearance had an unexpected advantage . . . vans even fit in this carport!

Anyway, buy Indigo Moon and I'll throw in the "carport" for free! :thumb:

All the best,


Olorin 24-02-2010 07:50

Does the roof rack for your car come with the boat?
For those long portages.

Surf City 24-02-2010 08:26

Hey Buddy,

Hope is well, I remember that yard like yesterday. It has been almost a year since we saw you there. Hoping to get our boat in the water in the next month or so once the out of water projects are complete.

Take care,


mudbug 24-02-2010 12:53


Hey, I'll throw in some roof racks if it will close the deal.;)


Hey man, I was thinking about you the other day when we pulled into the yard, hoping you guys were heading out soon. That's ONE BIG kitty cat you have there and once she head's out, she'll want to RUN!

Hope you guys are doing great,


mudbug 25-02-2010 19:04

Well, the job is done. Annual Boatyard Week is always hard work, but when that masking tape comes off and she looks razor sharp again, it's worth it.

I think I'll sleep late, however, for a few days after we splash!:D

eyschulman 25-02-2010 20:17

Do you have to pay extra at yard for large beam?

mudbug 26-02-2010 06:09


Originally Posted by eyschulman (Post 410422)
Do you have to pay extra at yard for large beam?

Of course!

It's 1.5 times the laydays, etc. That's a great deal considering I have 2 monohulls glued together. :D

Marinas often ding you too for 1.5x the rate.

Also, the Yanmar Man gets 2x the money for oil filters, fuel filters, mixing elbows, belts, impellers . . . etc.

Catamarans possess many, many fabulously amazing attributes, but cheap ain't one of them.

BTW, Lauderdale Marine Center is the best yard in the WORLD . . . you can do ALL your own work, or hire anyone to do all or part. The yard is so clean, ALL paved, has five star bathrooms, showers and Captain's Lounge, and the most easy-going friendliest, nicest, most-accomodating staff I have ever encountered anywhere in the world in any service business of any kind.

I simply cannot give them higher marks. It sure makes boatyard "hell week" much easier to take.

Now where did I put that checkbook . . . . .:(

Joli 26-02-2010 08:02

Looks good! Gotta love well kept boat yards with friendly staff.

Ram 26-02-2010 08:04

Buddy what are the costs at that marinia for the haul in/out and on the hard for the week?

mudbug 01-03-2010 08:59

My total yard bill for haul, thorough pressure wash, block and chock, three nights and four whole working days, and splash was $950. In addition, they let me stay over night in the marina the night before the haul, and the night after the splash gratis.

Super-nice folks, super-price for the ultra-professional service and the awesome paved yard, and BY FAR my favorite boatyard in the USA and entire Caribbean.

Great folks, great service, great value and the best place in the world (Ft. Lauderdale) to get parts and service!

All the best,


Palarran 01-03-2010 10:58

Great recommendation. I had been looking at a marina around Cape Canaveral to have some work done but will check into FLMC. For some reason, I thought they didn't allow you to do your own work.

How do they haul out the boats? With a travel lift, rail, or crane? I really didn't like having my boat pulled by a crane. No spreaders so I felt the hulls got squeezed.

imagine2frolic 01-03-2010 11:46

LOL, When I put Imagine on the hard. I set up horses, and plywood for work benches underneath. A comfortable chair, and it's a nice place for lunch too........i2f

mudbug 01-03-2010 12:52


Originally Posted by Palarran (Post 412477)
For some reason, I thought they didn't allow you to do your own work.

How do they haul out the boats? With a travel lift, rail, or crane?

Okay, let's clear this up.

Apparently, at some time in the long distant past, LMC would not let owners do some of the work.

River Bend is still like that the last time I checked, and so are other yards . . . you HAVE to let them do a bottom job, etc. So, there are a few yards that still do the forced work thing. That always kind of felt like extortion to me and I was never happy about yards doing that.

Well, some yards have gotten reasonable and stopped all that foolishness.

LMC has been straight-up and easy going for years now. All they do is haul, pressure wash, block, and launch, period.

They are out of the yacht servicing business and they let the onsite independent contractors who rent space on the yard do your work, (or offsite contractors can come in if you choose). Or, again, you can do it all yourself.

Also, at one time, I heard rumors that there was some requirement long, long ago to buy materials at the yard's shipstore. That is no longer the case either.

It is very simple, they haul you and splash you and what you in between is up to you and you alone. All you have to do is comply with very reasonable "no surprises" rules. So, in a word, it's AWESOME at LMC.

They have several wells of various sizes, SEVERAL NEW marine travelifts with remote control operation (really cool). They haul massive megayachts all the way down to little pocket cruisers.

They are skilled. They use new plastic on the straps every time they lift. They know where to put jackstands. They are friendly. They are professional. It's a fine experience. They make us feel 100% welcome and appreciated. They take great care to do a good job.

AND the showers are big and clean.

Moreover, they just refurbished the Captain's Lounge and it has three living rooms worth of FINE furniture you can melt into, a big flat screen with cable and surround sound and it is a great place to recharge and relax after a long, grueling kick-ass day in the yard.

Sarah at the front desk, who schedules haulouts and reservations is one of the friendliest people in the yachting industry . . . a model, invaluable employee who is demonstrative of what GREAT . . . not just good, but GREAT service is all about.

It is hard to explain just how awesome it is to be standing in the office in line next to a person with a 50 million dollar yacht and get treated just as well with my needs for "little old Indigo Moon."

Again, I cannot give any higher recommendation.

Hope this helps,


Roc Chambeau 23-07-2011 07:26

Re: Yet ANOTHER Catamaran Advantage...
Hey, you were taken for a huge ride! LMC is a rip-off with a smile. We went there 5 years in a row before I finally realized it. I have example upon example of their lazy work ethic and give a hoot attitude. All they want is your money.

want precise examples including dates and times... with names if you desire? I'll list 'em.

Sorry they schmoozed you into thinking they're awesom... with one exception that's true... Sarah is very good... but the rest are thieves, including the subs that work for them around the yard... want examples or receipts? I still have them, along with pictures.

Dope smokers... I arrived early to my sub's office located on LMC property only to find him puffing the magic dragon... great- and he's not the only one! We pay way too much for this nonsense.

most of them are un-licensed, un-trained, and have only b.s.

keep your captain's lounge, and try not being so star-struck by megayachts... big deal!

due diligence my friend.

David M 23-07-2011 08:09

Re: Yet ANOTHER Catamaran Advantage . . .
Nice yard!

In the SF Bay Area the equivalent would be KKMI.

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