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rabend 05-02-2010 19:17

Martec Autostream Propeller
I am considering the subject propeller for my Island Packet 440 on a Yanmar 4JH4-TE and would appreciate any recommendations for or against.



Catalysis 07-02-2010 10:41

Autostream Prop
I installed one on a Hans Christian 38 MK2 we owned in Hawaii in 2000.
We found the support from Long Beach Ca distributor excellent (boat had the wrong sized fixed prop when we bought it) and their computer sizing program was very accurate.
Had no issues with the prop at all.
SV "Indigo"

fstbttms 07-02-2010 12:25

Why Autostream? Have you considered Max Prop?

Jim Cate 07-02-2010 13:29

G'Day Bob,
Had an Autostream on Insatiable I, sourced from the actual manufacturer in Oz. Found it to be an excellent bit of kit, easy to adjust the pitch in the water, no wear issues in the 5 years we owned it, and still going strong now some 7 years later (according to the new owner). I see absolutely no reason to pay the extra bucks for the Max Prop.


Jim and Ann s/v Insatiable II lying Broken Bay NSW Oz

Catalysis 07-02-2010 15:08

Autostream v. Maxprop
I agree with Jim- the Autostream was less money and we chose the stainless steel version which served us well.

I have two Maxprops on my cat now and the underwater pitch adjustment is not as easy as the Autoprop.
SV "Indigo"

rabend 07-02-2010 15:26

Thanks for all the inputs, they are very helpful. On the Maxprop comment, can you tell me what the advantages and cost are?



Catalysis 07-02-2010 15:55

As I recall the Autostream was about 20% lower than the Maxprop at the time - you'll need to check current pricing as I suspect the devalued dollar may have eaten up much of the difference:(

fstbttms 07-02-2010 16:39

Well, looking at the Autostream pricing; it seems pretty comparable to Max Prop Classic props, can't say how it compares to the Variable Pitch Max Prop. I'm not sure there is a huge difference between the props, performance-wise. I bet the Max Prop zincs are cheaper, though. ;)

Captain Bill 07-02-2010 17:26

I have a two autostream S2 types on my sail drives. I've never had a max-prop so I can't compare them. The flat blades of feathering props make them a little less efficient than cupped blades. No issues with them. I've found zincs for about $23, not that bad.

rabend 07-02-2010 19:02


How often do you have to replace the zincs?



Captain Bill 07-02-2010 19:12

So far they seem to be OK at 2 years. I will pull the boat for bottom painting this spring and will replace them. I got 2 years on the previous set and they were only about 40% consumed. Of course each boat is different.

Pete the Cat 18-02-2010 09:52

I have had an Autostream on my boat for more than 10 years---including a 2 year cruise from California to Maine. No problems whatsoever. Picked up a 3/4" polypro line off Florida that ripped out my cutless bearing and sheared my coupling bolts, but no damage to the prop. Not so lucky was a couple I met in Panama who had problems with their Maxprop after picking up a similar piece of flotsam. Always had great support from Martec on initial installation (very simple) and when I repowered 7 years later. The prop is easy to service and lubricate. I would not have a prop that is not externally and easily adjustable in foward and reverse. The zinc usage is going to vary depending on the electricity in the water you are moored in. When I bought mine it was a lot less than Maxprop, but that would not be the reason I would prefer it.

Someone on this thread must have the technical background on this, but I think I have read that curved blades do not have any advantage at the normal level of usage in this kind of application--maybe that was in Gerr's book. I have never had trouble getting the engine output to be maximized to either if the engines I have had.

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