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Alan Wheeler 23-03-2006 20:42

Cyclone No2
Well it looks like NZ might get nailed this time. Cyclone Wati is now headign on a southeasterly direction and lining up NZ. If it continues on the current predicted course, it may make the top of the North Island on sunday. Extreme weather is predicted for NZ next week.

CaptainK 23-03-2006 21:05

Hey Alan!!

When was the last time NZ got hit by a cyclone?

And also what catagory was it when it hit?

How often in comparsion do NZ get hit with cyclones versus OZ when they get hit?

I was just curious, cause I'm learning more about those two countries.

Kai Nui 23-03-2006 22:58

If I remember right you should be fairly safe? As long as it stays to the north island:)

gini 24-03-2006 02:21

G'day Alan!
Have everything crossed for you blokes out there. Best wishes from an Balmy (Barmey) Palmy eject.

P.S. Where is the Pirate Thread with the Solar Panel info?
We have 7 + 2 windgens and rarely need to run a genny for the freezer+2 fridges, TV, PC, DVD player, 1.6kw inverter, battery charger, SSB. Doesn't sound like sailing? After so many years, it does! Also saves going into a dreaded MARINA whose owners charge a true ransom for a few feet of pontoon, admin, ablutions, electric + water in Europe, anyway... In Portugal, like Oz, the Govt subsidises the price of solar panels in an effort to encourage increased use. It is really surprising to us that, in these super-sunny climes, one rarely spots a solarpan altho new housing occasionally includes a water-heating variety.

CaptainK 24-03-2006 08:50


Look for solar power under these links here.

And about pirates under this thread.

Hope that'll help you!!

Good luck?

Alan Wheeler 26-03-2006 02:29

I just got back in from a weekend out. So I haven't had a chance to look at the sattilite images yet. But I believe the cylone has pretty much blown it'self apart. We are expecting heavey rain from tomorrow for the next few days and that's about it. The weekend was very windy and ruff out on the water. We had 40kts and I blew the Genoa apart.

K, cyclones don't get down here much at all. I think on average, maybe one good one every 20years or so. We had one back about 18years ago called Cylone Bolla and one in 68 called Cyclone Gazzel. All NZ'ers know that one as the Waihine storm, where we had our biggest maritime disarster with a Cook straight Ferry sinking.
Our waters are cold, so it takes a very impressive tropical cyclone to make it this far. We never seem to get the winds that your country and others have experianced, but we sure get the rain and flooding becomes a major concernin NZ.

CaptainK 26-03-2006 09:09

Yeah, I figured as much. Since it's so far down in the latitiudes!!:)

Lucky for all of you I suppose,that you hardly ever get to have them come onto land?:D

gini 27-03-2006 02:02

Many thanks for the info Cpn and for putting up with my floundering - will get it right, hopefully sooner than...

Very relieved for NZ, Wheelies.

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