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Mexico Mike 13-03-2006 21:06

Hola de Mexico
Ahoy and Howdy,
After lurking and posting a bit on a few other forums (met my wife while posting to alt.sailing.asa), discovered this one from a link to the infamous Bumfuzzle thead.
Anyway, Im a lifetime sailor, though confined to dinghy sailing for many years, and am finally out here cruising. This is our third season cruising Mexico, and maybe next year we'll venture offshore to the South Pacific or perhaps follow the coast down to Central America, who knows.
You guys seem like a good bunch, and thought I'd drop the hook in this cove for a bit. I don't get to the internet much while out here, but I'm sure I'll post more when I get back to Oregon for the Summer.
This pic is of our boat last season in Zihuatenejo.
The website link is a labor of love I've been working on since 1999, not commercial, hope it's not in poor taste to post the URL.

CaptainK 13-03-2006 21:26

Welcome Aboard!!
Welcome aboard Mike.

That's great that you enjoy Mexico.

I hope to go sailing down there one of these years!!

I took a quick glimpse inside your website. So far so good!!:D

Anyways. Welcome aboard!!:) :cheers:

Mexico Mike 18-03-2006 00:35

Thanks Capt. K appreciate the welcome! And happy St. Patricks day to ye!

CaptainK 18-03-2006 00:46

Your welcome Mike.

Glad to have met ya on here.

So how's it going down in Mexico lately?

And how long have you been cruising down there?

Mexico Mike 18-03-2006 13:35

Great, Larry. This place is full of some of the best people I've ever met, and the thing that makes them that way can be summed up with one word-attitude. Folks are happy here, and it certainly isn't because of the toys they have. It's just a natural state.
This is our third year cruising here, and though we may head out for more distant horizons next season, we're sure we'll always come back here. Folks who have been around the world almost unanimously agree that this is one of the most beautiful, inexpensive, and fun parts of the world to cruise.
BTW, the Captain's log page on my website has lots of pics and a history of what we've been doing, along with the current update.

Quarter Moon 10-04-2006 08:53

I'm sitting here pretty jealous of you! Been down that way a couple of times and love the west coast of Mexico. Made it all the way just keeps getting better when you get to Costa Rico and Panama.

Charlie 10-04-2006 13:03

Hello Mexico Mike:

Really enjoyed your website. I'm planning on doing something similar as soon as I finish building this house. I've tried getting in touch with Jesus@Marinaseca and have not got a reply. Do you remember how much it cost to keep the boat on the hard at San Carlos? I'm just trying to get an idea of what it costs. I'll email him after Easter again. But thought you might remember.


daven 18-04-2006 07:38

a friend of mine has his 25' Lancer on the hard at Marina Seca right now, it's costing him $57.50/mth. I'm going down in about three weeks I'll get some more details if you like. Welcome Mexico Mike, I just joined this forum myself seems like a lot of good folks.
Fair Winds

Charlie 18-04-2006 10:28

Hi Dave:

Welcome to the Forum. Pretty nice people here. I'll let you know if I need someone to take a look. I might be down there in three weeks myself. I got an email back from Marina Seca. 36' boat with a displacement of <14k was $135 amonth and $158 each way to put in the water/take out. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Now I need to investigate insurance.


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