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ssullivan 14-03-2006 13:28

Sweet! Turns out the place I went to to have the work done on the starter had the parts. For $40 I picked up a more heavy-duty Bendix (starter gear), took apart the starter, and installed.

Already done!

Time to spend a while getting it attached back to the engine..

CaptainK 14-03-2006 13:54

Yeah Sean.

After gettting that back together. You and your wife should take some time off. And have a few drinks to celebrate? :cheers:

ssullivan 14-03-2006 17:10

Captain K.... Thanks for the concern! :)

I'll return the favor when I see you working days at a job and nights and weekends on your new vessel. ha ha ;) It becomes a bit addictive!

We did take off Sunday and Monday this week. I guess I took the starter out on one of those days, but we really did relax a lot on both of those days.

I'm ready to kick some butt now and get things finished up.

CaptainK 14-03-2006 17:24

Well Sean.

You sound more chipper lately!! That's very good!!:)

Yeah before you know it. You'll be looking back at this. And you'll be tending to your customers soon enough.:cheers:

My projects won't be that big of a problem. And I don't have a time schedule. With the exception of at the begining there. When dealing with the stachions, getting the outboard mounted.

Other than that. It's just after work and weekend projects!!:D

ssullivan 15-03-2006 11:04

As a follow up... the starter went back in this AM and now it sounds like a diesel car or truck... PERFECT. Started up normally for the first time since I've owned this boat.

On a side note: When I took the old starter gear (Bendix) out of the starter, like 50 little pieces and a spring all fell out. They were all broken and loose. Apparently, the people who did the starter install cheaped out on the Bendix and put in a car-type one. Also, they cheaped out on everything, since I found the hardware from the old starter in the engine room strewn about where the new starter is.

Yet another instance for me of: "Never let a yard touch your boat." I've literally never seen one do a good job in all my years.

Alan Wheeler 15-03-2006 11:49

And doesn't it feel awesome that it was YOU!!! that did it.

CaptainK 15-03-2006 12:43

Here's a big cheers for Sean. Hip hip Hooray!!!:jump: :D :cheers:

ssullivan 15-03-2006 15:22

You're absolutely right, Wheels. I do like doing everything myself on the boat. I just got lucky finding the parts.

There's a peace of mind you get when you know your boat from bow pulpit to swim ladder. If any problems arise, you can take care of them, or at least jury rig a way home. :)

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