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starfish62 10-03-2006 12:56

I have been reading your board and finally decided to register. My better half, Elie, is circumnavigating. I, alas, stay home and work, joining him when I can. Actually, he comes home and works also. He left West Palm Beach in a Pearson 33 in Spring of 2003. First leg he soloed around Cuba and over to Nicaragua. Second leg through Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas and left the boat in Raitea. Last summer I joined him there and we sailed and dove around that area. He has been back for a whole year and is leaving in three weeks. He will be sailing alone from Raitea to the Cooks and wherever else he decides to go and finally arriving in Fiji in June. My 15 year old and I will join him there and then on to Vanuatu, New Caledonia who knows. My son and I have to be back in two months for school but Elie will be going on to Australia.

Your forum has been very educational and entertaining! I look forward to asking questions of those of you who have been there!

Bob Norson 12-03-2006 01:52


what a great sailing family you have going there. the adventures and stories that I imagine must be present in those breif descriptions of course and destination. Briliant!!

Let us know when you get here!


Kai Nui 12-03-2006 13:37

Awsome! Great to have you here Starfish.

CaptainK 12-03-2006 14:45

Welcome aboard Starfish.

Yes. We have alot of knowledgeable sailors onboard this forum.

So we look forward in answering any questions you may have.

rsn48 12-03-2006 23:37

A belated welcome
I'm always late for the party, so my belated welcome to the forum. We dream the dream, your family lives the dream. I know every moment cruising isn't golden, however most of us would rather being doing that, than the usual tread mill life.

starfish62 13-03-2006 16:23

Just thought I would mention that when you see a "starfish62" posting you never know if you got me or Elie!! He loves the board and has been emailing with Eurocruiser. Euro has a Peirson 42 4 which is what he wants to get. The 33m is just a bit small when teenagers are on board!

capt lar 13-03-2006 16:44

Welcome and best of luck on the next leg. I can see how the Pearson 10M would be a little too close for all of you. The 424 is a lot of boat for single handing, so it sounds like you may be shipping out as well if he takes the plunge. Look forward to reading posts from both of you.


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