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GordMay 05-03-2006 03:48

Photography not just entertainment
Thanks to Richard Black @ the SSCA Bulletin Board

Re: Digital Photography
Hi folks,
I just blundered onto something that, although you may have already thought of it, impressed me as a useful tip to share.
We broke a steering cable and my wife, much smaller than I, was able to see under the pedestal where the sheaves turned the cables. However, try as I might, I couldn't squeeze my 6'-5" body into the lazarette in a way so that I could see what she was seeing. I tried the old mirror and flashlight trick with feeble success. Suddenly it dawned, what about the camera with a flash? In no time at all, I was able to stick the camera back by the quadrant and shoot forward to the sheaves. 5 minutes later, I was looking at large, clearly focused, well-lit photos on a large computer screen.
And if I needed tech support from Edson, I already had the pix. You may already be doing this, but if the idea proves useful for just one person, the typing time was worth it. I'm already imagining new uses... finding that pesky drip from the back of the watermaker.... finding out what the bottom of the engine pan looks like.....
Richard Black
<end quote>

CaptainK 10-03-2006 20:43

I found the ditigal cameras, can be used like a tool form the tool chest.

A friend of mine who's a ASE certified mechanic uses a digital camera for certain occasions. When you get certain "questionable" customers who have a complaint about a certain problem with their car.

He then uses the camera. Takes the number of photos. And when he works on a car. And then returns it to the customer. The customer can then not make the complaint that they didn't fix the problem. And the garage have physical as well as photo evidence that they do!!

Kai Nui 10-03-2006 22:06

As part of my job, I have to spot damage to vehicles, often in less than ideal conditions to crawl under. I use the camera to spot damage that I would otherwise not be able to see on a daily basis. Not a new idea, but a very good one. The other advantage is that once you have photographed the problem, you can email it to the local part supplier to get the right part to fix the problem. If it is a part whose dimensions can vary, a tape measure along side of the item for reference can also insure you get the right part. I have found most part vendors welcome emailed photos for part identification. It helps them get the right part to you.

CaptainK 10-03-2006 22:24


I can second that notion. When you're dealing with parts with multiple details. And they suppose to fit say a certain make and model car for example. When you go through a catalog. You could get several listings for that same part.

Alot of vendors now days welcome digital photos, for easy part comparsions. And believe me. While my stint as a mechanic. It is a whole lot easier to identify a part. When you have several listings for that part.

Photo identification is a very helpful tool, not just for cars. But for anything where mulitple part identification is very crucile for repair jobs? And getting the exact right part for whatever it is you're trying to repair and replace.

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