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exumatony 02-12-2009 07:21

Georgetown, Exuma

Who will be in the Georgetown area in December? (Vessel names please).

Does anyone know if SAM THE SKULL will be down this year? Norm (forget the vessel name). Has anyone heard word on Billy?

Looking forward to speaking to all of you on "The Net" each morning (and hearing Pam from De Harlow's chery voice) as well. This year we (Exuma home owners [we have boats too] :viking:) will be challenging any visiting cruisers to friendly games of softball at the field just south of Georgetown (our team is assembled of locals and ex-pats). We are also interested in extending this challenge to volleyball @ Volleyball Beach. Let's have an active and fun holiday season.

My wife is a master diver and her colleague who is the head of all divers at the Chicago Shedd Aquarium will be with us for a week. We will be diving some remote (and from what we are told undiscovered) blue holes etc.

See you all on Channel 68. I will be doing my famous community announcements for Cheater's, the Bamboo Bistro @ February Point and other local businesses.


Scott730 04-12-2009 16:31

"Oceanview", or 36' cat, will be heading to the Exumas hopefully next week with an other cat "Iriecat". Hope to see you all in Georgetown for Christmas.

Scott and Lynn

Vasco 04-12-2009 16:37


Originally Posted by exumatony (Post 368164)

Who will be in the Georgetown area in December? (Vessel names please).

Does anyone know if SAM THE SKULL will be down this year? Norm (forget the vessel name). Has anyone heard word on Billy?

Sam the Skull was in Rio Dulce last I heard.

exumatony 04-12-2009 17:03

Thanks Vasco. Be down late next week. If you are there I will be on the morning Net and on the waters (and land).

Vasco 04-12-2009 17:05

I won't be there until January. Still working on the boat in FL.

JusDreaming 04-12-2009 18:21

be there a bit later, where are you taking them diving?

GordMay 05-12-2009 09:06


Originally Posted by Vasco (Post 369360)
Sam the Skull was in Rio Dulce last I heard.

The Exciting Adventures of Sam the Skull: Roatan to Belize City

colemj 09-12-2009 05:52

Does anyone know if SAM THE SKULL will be down this year?[/QUOTE]

Eventually. They just left the Rio Dulce and are in Placentia. They plan to be in the Bahamas sometime January.


livingstone 09-12-2009 21:29

Ah, Sam the SKULL. That guy kicks ass. Enjoyed some great singalongs with him last year, and the rest of you. One of the highlights of my life, thus far. This year, after Christmas, I'll be over on Eleuthera where my wife and I will be starting to build our home. It's going to be a place where we welcome cruisers to stop in, so I hope to see you all there sometime. Time to check out Sam's blog... For those of you who are interested, ours is We started it before our six months in the Bahamas, but have kept it going since as we have other adventures. Take care all, and good luck!
Jack and Ruth, Fiberglass Vengeance

watersedg1 13-12-2009 14:31

Hi, I hope) I am not covering a subject that you have gone over a million times, but we have cruised the Abacos, BVI's etc. Just never needed communications as much as this year. We have been told by Sprint (Blackberry and our Sprint Wireless Internet Card) that we can access phone calls by internet. Just have to pay the $40 per month International call fee for the time we are down there. Can anyone verify that there is good, or semi good satelite communications using the Sprint / Nextel network? Or have any other suggestions...SKYPE whatever?? Thanks and we are looking forward to meeting some of you on the softball field, or whatever...if the bones hold out. Beth and Tim

Vasco 13-12-2009 15:11

There was a thread on this a week or two ago. Do a quick search. Batelco is really the only game in town. Skype is best where you can get a good connection. I would really think twice before giving Sprint or Nextel any money just to make calls on the internet. You can use Skype for a couple of cents a minute and call any phone most anywhere. If you have to get on the internet to use it why give them $40 a month? Only satellite game seems to be Globalstar and it's still spotty.

Here, I found it.

watersedg1 13-12-2009 15:12

We are heading your way with another boat late January
Hello, we will be newbees in the Exuma's this year. Have friends who have come for years. We have primarily been in the Keys, the Virgins or Abacos. Looking forward to the excitement of the Volleyball, Softball and racing. Not too good at any of them, but always ready for a new adventure. Will try to get in shape for all of the above. Posted a question on the forum regarding Internet and Phone service in George Town. Perhaps someone has some answers for us.

Tim and Beth
S/V Integrity

Vasco 13-12-2009 15:16

The answer's in the post before yours. :)

watersedg1 13-12-2009 15:28

Thank you, just read your post. Makes sense, we will discover as we go, and just plan to enjoy our time at sea and on a hook. Looked at the info you directed us to, made sense...Skype might be the best answer for us. Have very ill 4 year old granddaughter that we need to keep tabs on, and also give our son support, so this might be the answer.

KILLLIONFISH 11-10-2010 19:53

All vessels coming to Exuma thsi winter season please state your vessel name.

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