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Canibul 11-11-2009 06:40

Windrider vs Getaway
I have been 'hankering' for a toy beach cat type boat for some time. Something two of us and a dog could use to scoot around between islands here, that we could keep on a trailer in the yard. I have been looking at the rotomolded Hobie Getaways for some time, and just today after reading comments from trimaran fans, the Windrider 17.

We plan to buy a used Gemini 105 ( or rough equivalent) in the next year, but I still want something I can run down to a boat ramp and take off with on a nice day. The ability to stow some stuff out of the spray in the Windrider looks interesting.

Any thoughts on the relative merits of these two boats, or suggestions for something similar? A multihull daysailer. I have Hobie experience, but have never sailed on a tri.

J Kimber 11-11-2009 13:55

Dear Canibul, concerning Windrider 17, a Jim Brown design and very well thought of, but I hope the Stateside prices are cheaper than the European, where European Hydrosail Systems were quoting euro10,000 for the boat with trailer and basic accessories a while back.

You may find a couple items on the Tremolino boat company's website of interest. Obituary of the founder, John Olin, which mentions him borrowing a Windrider 17 and winning a race with it, all within weeks of his death at 76 (!) also an article on quick getaway sailing in general and his Tremolino in particular by a guy called Ed Haile, who lives in Essex county Virginia. As a Hobie sailor I guess you'll know all about Tremolinos.

Best wishes - John K.

Canibul 11-11-2009 15:25

Thanks. I did know about the Tremolino tri. I had forgotten about it. I saw one of those on Cape Cod years ago, and the owner was explaining it to me.

I am not sure I would ever buy a homebuilt boat that I was not involved in the building of, if that makes any sense. I know how I build stuff, and would always wonder about some things. For example, I build furniture as a hobby and don't use metal fasteners. no nails. no screws. That kind of thing.

And for a beach toy I was looking for something very low maintenance, such as the rotomolded things. I like that WETA thing, been looking at some of the Youtubes.....but dang, it's half again as much as a Hobie Getaway.

Double-Wide 11-11-2009 15:26

Take a look at the WETA. It is more boat than the windrider, yet makes a great daysailer/racer.


J Kimber 13-11-2009 15:03

Dear Canibul, a contributor called Factor on the Searunner thread mentioned tris from Team Scarab - I recall one of those also incorporated Hobie components, like the Tremolino. Hobie 18, I think.

All best again - John K.

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