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Jamel 27-10-2009 18:21

Jamel, in Western Australia
Jamel is a 32 foot Swanson sloop. she is my second yacht bought only last year and I'm still getting to know her.

Previous experience was a cicumnavigation with my wife in our Westsail 33 "Passage West" which over a period of 6yrs(1989-1996) we sailed from Fremantle to Bude in Cornwall and back. The memories of that wonderful cruising lifestyle thrill me to this day!

"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been"
Eric Hiscock- Wanderer III

Stillraining 27-10-2009 19:06

Welcome Aboard...look forward to your input around here.

Solitude 27-10-2009 20:15

Sounds like your seasoned knowledge could be a great benifit to the rest of us.


maxingout 27-10-2009 21:33

Jamel reminds me of the Arabic word for camel.

Did you live or work in the Middle East?

Jamel 27-10-2009 23:23

Negative, though it may look similar, camel = gamal /gəməl/ جمل
Original owner combined his grandchildrens names, James & Melissa, I think.

geko 27-10-2009 23:46

Talking about boat names ---- "Passage West" is a name that can be remembered. Did "Passage West" circimnavigate that way?

Jamel 28-10-2009 00:22

Certainly did, the name came from the original owners fathers home village " Passage West" in county Cork, Southern Ireland.
We took Passage West to Passage west and sent the photo home to the original owners in Australia and they were thrilled!

geko 28-10-2009 00:31

She would have been thrilled too.

SkiprJohn 29-10-2009 22:37

Aloha and Welcome aboard!
Kind regards,

Wotname 30-10-2009 00:58

Welcome aboard

mickmul 30-10-2009 06:46

Hope you stopped in Monkstown or Cobh just down the river . . . Passage West is a good anchorage but not a lot of yachting facilities there . . some good pubs though! Welcome aboard . . give us a shout if you come back that way again!!

Rob 788 02-09-2018 17:38

Re: Jamel, in Western Australia
Not sure how to use this site but Im interested in Jamel.
Has she had an accident.
If Im on the right track Id love to talk to you. Thanks

Wotname 02-09-2018 18:19

Re: Jamel, in Western Australia
Hi Robb 788, welcome aboard CF and good to see you post right after signing up. You should note this thread is almost 9 years old and the original poster (Jamel) last logged on in 2012.

Rob 788 02-09-2018 19:58

Re: Jamel, in Western Australia
Thanks wotname
Any one could contact Jamel

Wotname 02-09-2018 21:40

Re: Jamel, in Western Australia

Originally Posted by Rob 788 (Post 2711545)
Thanks wotname
Any one could contact Jamel

If you click on Jamel's username, you can see his public profile, on that page there is a tab with contact info and I note you can send an email to him via CF. Of course I dunno if his email address listed with CF is current but you can always try.

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