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CaribbeanCraig 13-11-2013 10:12

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
Kind of what I'm getting at ..people usually answer with the maintenance answer and not enough buoyancy info in severe situations . I think we should be more informed . Thanks guys .

skipmac 13-11-2013 10:34

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .

Originally Posted by Cheechako (Post 1389801)
I used to work for a company that made "unsinkable" powerboats, chambered hulls. Without ballast it does work, if you dont put too much stuff on the boat. But it's nip and tuck getting there. We actually filled some boats with water etc in testing... Level floatation without turning turtle is another issue.....

I looked over some test photos of unsinkable power boats years back and the problem was as you say, staying level. As I recall they tended to float with the engine way under water and the bow in the air.

Then there was the ad for Boston Whalers showing a boat sawed in half with people standing in both halves still floating. It's been a while and I could be wrong but I don't seem to recall an engine on the stern half.

You could apply the same to a sailboat if you had exploding keel-bolts to drop the ballast. Of course the issue of turning turtle would still be a problem. :D

CaribbeanCraig 13-11-2013 10:42

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
I was just watching the H.M.S Bounty 2012 seemed to have floated for a least long enough for some people to be rescued . ..lots of wood on that boat .

Stumble 13-11-2013 14:51

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .

Originally Posted by CaribbeanCraig (Post 1389822)
I was just watching the H.M.S Bounty 2012 seemed to have floated for a least long enough for some people to be rescued . ..lots of wood on that boat .

There are more wooden boats on the sea floor than anything else.

Free as a Bird 14-11-2013 02:55

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
Choice of hull material is in the eye of the beholder. All require maintenance albeit in different ways and frequency. If you love plastic, go for it. Steel, again go for it. As for wood, well that's where it all started. It's individual choice. If your heart isn't into it, don't own it.

Free as a Bird 14-11-2013 02:59

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
In response to Stumble........"more wooden boats on the ocean floor than anything else". Stands to reason doesn't it? Lots of old cars in land fill too.

Pete7 14-11-2013 03:13

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .

Originally Posted by skipmac (Post 1389794)
That seems to sum it up pretty well. Years ago a company came up with a plan to make mono-hulls unsinkable by installing an auto-inflating bladder system inside the boat. Never sold because it worked out you would have to install enough bladders to fill the interior space of the boat to keep it barely awash.

The French Etap manufacturers sell unsinkable yachts. They even opened the through hulls on one, filled the boat and sailed it home. The foam is spread out throughout the hull but still leaves a substaintial space inside as a yacht. GRP isn't that disimilar to steel.


shadow 14-11-2013 12:47

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
Through the years, I've personally owned all 3 types of materials and I agree with everyone that each has their own pros and cons. It just depends on your cruising agenda and needs and time.. Good luck

CaribbeanCraig 14-11-2013 13:46

Re: Wood, Steel, Fiberglass . . .
It would be great if some experts builders and designers would lay it all out for us . Lets say if you were wondering " What If " ....

Boat fire...
Standing rigging integration...
Knock downs...
Handling seas ..
Haul outs ...( do marinas charge more after a certain weight )
Buoyancy ...
Structural integrity ..
Biodegradable would make a good read .....peace

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