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canucksailor 26-09-2009 15:12

Lightning Strike and Wind Generator
Hello all - my Airx wind genny was one of the onboard victims of a lightning strike (along with the VHF, SSB, tuner, MPPT controller for solar, depth guage, bow lights, several fuses and, since I was aboard when it was hit, a perfectly good pair of shorts!).
I'm told that replacing the circuit board should resolve the problem - but I'm wondering, is there anything else that could have gone wrong inside here? I'm leery of replacing the board, at $165, and then finding out the unit is toast anyway.
Looking forward to your responses here.


Reality Check 27-09-2009 09:26

In addition to the normal visual inspections that you have probably already done you could check the coils and connections for continuity and if you have a the equipment a low range resistance check of the different coil winding elements.

One of thing we use to do regarding electrical damage to transformers and coils with the smell test. Most will have a very distinctive odor if burned. If it stinks it is probably bad and just a couple of resistance/ resonance test were made prior to tossing in trash or disposal and some larger items do need special disposal due to PCB's.

Mind sharing your boat's set up when struck? I know lots of people report VHF and SSB damaged even when disconnected. Were you all powered up? Radios in use? Did you have your ground plane/ ship ground and DC Ground in common or separated and if so how? Was your aboveboard rigging bonded to Radio/ Ship or DC Ground or isolated? Do you have a single backstay that was used as the SSB antenna with two insulators?

Would be nice to have a few reports from those who actually went through what you did to get actual information on best practices for similar set ups/

thanks and good luck with your replacements and repairs.

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