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valley 25-08-2009 14:44

Hi - Just a Few Brief General Questions

i'm valley, i'm nineteen years old and after two years of living a ski bum life in Utah after graduating high school in '07, i'm back at home, in connecticut, living with my parents.

right now i'm working full time construction and just starting taking a full course load at my local community college at night. while not having the stresses of rent being due and bills to pay, my life has become pretty hectic pretty damned quick.

i stumbled upon this site because my parents are actually in the process of seeking out a beach property with ideas of retirement within the next ten or fifteen years. fortunately for me that leaves a pretty big window open for me to make good use of it.

one of my fathers main concerns is to have waterfront access with a dock, he loves boating, i grew up around motorboats, as do i.

but the thought came to mind, with the aid of the combination of me saving up money at the fastest rate i've ever accomplished, and my parents going for this purchase, of purchasing a sailboat. i've been out on a family friends sailboat a few times and have gone on catamaran charters before and have very much enjoyed myself everytime, something about sailing just appeals to me a lot lot more.

so after all that explaining, my question is, is it practical to find something in the range of 5k-7k, that can handle the ocean, and will be good for me to acquire some skills on. obviously before i make a purchase i'm going to undergo a pretty substantial amount of lessons. just looking for some opinions at what i should be looking at.

some of you guys are very inspiring, sailing around the world and living out of a boat, to me, would be indescribably phenomenal.

thanks in advance,


Charlie 25-08-2009 15:42

If you mean sailing around in the ocean yes if you mean for a circunavigation you are pushing it at that price.

speedoo 25-08-2009 15:55

Forget the ocean for now. You can sail all you want on Long Island Sound, Eastern Long Island, Rhode Island Sound, up to Maine, down to the Chesapeake, etc. Great cruising and yes you can do this in a boat for that price. After a few years of that, you can start thinking about the ocean.

Look for a 22 - 30 footer with a good engine (outboard is ok), good sails and in overall good shape. Brand names: Catalina, Hunter, Pearson, C&C. If you are handy with tools, you can do the fixing up that will be required yourself.

MarkJ 25-08-2009 17:27

You might find a local sailing club or yacht club and start crewing on other peoples boats in weekend races. People are always looking for crew and its a great way to have some fun, do a competative sport, have a cool bar for the end of the day and meet good looking members of the opposite gender ;)


Ocean Girl 25-08-2009 21:15

Welcome to the forum Valley,
I think crewing at clubs is a great idea. As far as a good, cheap,and seaworthy boat, maybe look at the older(70s) bristols or pearsons.

SkiprJohn 26-08-2009 12:19

Aloha and Welcome aboard!
I agree with the advice you've been given. Local clubs are a very good way to get into sailing and will give you an idea of what boat might be best for you. Basic sailing lessons are also a good idea even if you have some onboard sailboats experience.

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