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rsn48 01-01-2006 14:49

Yet another newbie
Hi, I moor my boat in Sewell's Marina in Horseshoe Bay in British Columbia. The boats name, not yet applied, is Leaky Cauldron, an older 27 foot Catalina - the Chevy of sail boats.

I did a lot of sailing about 15 years ago, but then my friends all grew up and got mortgages and kids. Now as I head towards old fart status - I'm 57 - I decided it was time to go play again. Like most older boats, there are a few issues that I've had to resolve to make the boat livable and cruisable in our wonderful Pacific North West waters, the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and higher. Some of the tougher issues have been dealt with; like when I opened the hatch to discover 8 inches of water covering the entire boat, or when I went to plug my fans etc to keep the boat free of mildew only to discover there was no shore power, nor any power to feed my new chart plotter, radar and fish finder.

I have been sanding the interior to give it a renewed look, and replacing anything that looks really bad with new gear. Slowly the bigger issues are resolving so on to the smaller issues, like re-bedded windows to stop leaking, a new bulkhead and re-bedded chain plate - you know, all the usually stuff with an older cruiser.

I look forward to the new year filled with much anticipated sailing and I hope to begin near the end of February when the worst of our bad weather is over with. Nothing spectacular to begin with, mostly smaller cruises to clean out the cob webs in my brain, and get back my sea legs and get our new pup - an English Springer spaniel - used to the boat and let him get his sea legs.

I have been lurking in these forums for several weeks now but just recently signed up. I look forward to possibly meeting one or two of you in the coming years on the water.

Pussar rum for everyone bartender.

capt lar 01-01-2006 15:00

57 eh ! I believe on this Forum you have already achieved "old fart" status. Always room for more, especially when their project list is worse than my own. Welcome !


delmarrey 01-01-2006 15:47

Another ole fart here :D

I'm down here in the lower Sound (Port Gardner) and do like the Islands. But we have a saying about the San Juan's. "Look but Don't Touch". It seems all but the parks are privately owned. Anchoring is OK but going ashore is restricted.

I like going North (up your way) in the mid summers. The waters clear up after passing the Fraser and the majority of the boats seem to stick to the South or the harbors.

I hope to do the inland passage within the next few years, just have trouble with time. Two weeks is not enough to get that far. May have to get a leave of absents from work or quit completely.

Sounds like your having fun with your new project. Add another 2 meters to that and I've already been through the fun and still at it with up grades.

We spent some time around Gambier Is. last year. The wife didn't want to leave. (She's Canadian too) But I told her she had to buy the property first :D

Hope to see you out & about........................._/)

rsn48 01-01-2006 18:16

in denial about age
Capt Lar, I'm in denial about my age - don't ruin it for me.:(

capt lar 02-01-2006 14:39

I understand. I will be 49 in April - for the 6th time.


Lightfin 02-01-2006 19:21

How does 57 feel to you?

I'll be there in two weeks!!!!!!!!!

Welcome aboard!!!!

BC Mike 02-01-2006 21:44

Old and Grumpy
I will be 60 this year. Born again teenager is the description I prefer. Would love to sail a dinghy type go fast boat but the water here is too cold and I am sick of getting wet. I am on an inland lake, but only a couple of hundred miles to the wet left coast.

rsn48 02-01-2006 23:01

Try coming up North in "legs"
Why not bring your boat up in two or three leaps or legs, I've known a couple of Americans to do that. So sail one leg heading north and leave your boat moored at a temporary Marina for a month or so, then another leg - lets say to Bowen Island or Ganges on Salt Spring Island - and then jump off for your two weeks from there.

I know one American who moored his boat on Bowen Island for a year and used it as his jumping off point for the Gulf Islands and Desolation sound, as well as Jervis Inlet. He then took it back to Seattle after that one year.

mario f 03-01-2006 06:39


Brrrrrrr !!!! You guys actually have to wear clothes to sail?
That is way too cold for me:sprint:
After some time living in Maine I've had enough of the cold.
But then again at that age you wouldn't want to go around naked anyay:D
Just kidding , I'm not that far behind.

rsn48 03-01-2006 12:22

In one way, I would really like to sail in Southern Climes; in other ways, not. I'm one of those who is heat sensitive, just as some in Canada are cold sensitive. My idea of a good time was not to go to Hawaii and lounge around on the beaches; for one I'd go stir crazy and for another I wouldn't enjoy the hot weather as much.

So although I'm envious of others sailing in wonderfully exotic places, I'm not sure how much I would enjoy the heat.

Back many decades ago, I moved from Montreal to Chicago to attend college there. It took me three years to acclimate to the hot climate there. So I know I would acclimate, but I'm not sure I have the patience for the three years bit.

I just read an article of a couple off season cruising in BC waters. The photo had a picture of their boat with snow on it; believe it or not I was envious of them. I like BC wilderness in the winter time. Along the Pacific South Coast of Canada, we get very little snow so when we get it, we tend to like it.

PS. I've always found it humorous that I live on the South Coast which is North of the Pacific North West. In my head, Alaska should be the Pacific North West, not Oregon and Washington.

delmarrey 03-01-2006 20:19

The reason it's called the PNW is because of the Lewis & Clark expedition.

200 years ago Alaska was out of reach, it belonged to Russia so this became our PNW and hasn't changed since.

Then in 1868, Alaska became our Nortern Territory.

As for the legs to northward. I've had that on my mind. But I just picked this boat up a few years ago. I've finished repairs but now need to install some up grades. So she needs to stick close to home until that's done. But still keep her sailable in July and Aug. (She's stored on the hard)

By then I may just give up work and go anyway. I keep threatening them at work, telling them when I get the boat done to a point, I'm gone. If you hear me talking about just buying brand new sails, we'll be packing our bags.................................._/)

SailWiz 04-01-2006 11:25

Arggh! All you "OLD" salts. You all know the key to the fountain of youth is younger women, faster boats and weather which suits my clothes. Did I mention Rum? I agree with Mario on the weather issue. I don't know how you guys up North do it. :cheers:

Cool Change 04-01-2006 12:20

Old Fart Status.
Sorry guy's you all have a way to go before you can claim "Old Fart Status".
I'll be 72 next May, going on 50 something, still enjoy sailng my Cat single handed, actually some one will have to carry me off, cause I'm not leaving this lifestile voluntarily.

Cool Change III
36' Prout Catamaran
Currently in Miami fixing a few problems encountered during "Wilma"

SailWiz 05-01-2006 05:51

God bless ya, cool change. You go!:cheers:

capt lar 05-01-2006 09:33

Cool Change -
I believe that earns you the coveted title of
"Old Sea Dog" which is an upgrade in rank from "Fart"
You lead - We will follow !


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