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windsaloft 19-07-2009 13:13

Bartending as a Portable Skill?
So - there are lots of opportunities, stateside, for bartending gigs if you are good and have experience, filling in for parties, etc., to pick up a few hundred bucks for a day's work.

What about cruising -- any locales, esp. those catering to tourists (PV? Z-town?) that would pick up a US bartender to fill in, or are those all jobs for locals? Anyone found it a way to supplement the kitty?

imagine2frolic 19-07-2009 13:15

I would think the day job would be iffy, but I have seen American bartenders filling up the cruising kitty with steady jobs.......i2f

nonam 19-07-2009 15:36

Windy,you need a bigger boat.Something you can set up as a floating bar......a bar boat.Load it up with duty free booze and sail it from anchorage to anchorage catering to cruisers.Why would they go to the dangerous shore when they can dingy over to your bar for a social drink?Dont hang around too long and the tax collectors will never catch up with you.

off-the-grid 18-08-2009 14:12

I heard from a friend who owns a resort in Tolum, that for the most part, in the Caribbean you really don't need experience, but that pay really sucks. Also, since you don't need experience, they'll usually hire a local.

Nonam - That's my idea. I was thinking of targeting resorts, though. Pull in nice and close to the beach. If you target the all inclusive places, they'll be happy to have you, because you're saving them money. And people would probably buy drinks from you, just because of the novelty.

How would this really work in a foreign country, though?
Are they as strict with liquor licenses as in the US?
Do you even need one?
How much could you really make doing this?

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