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cherrick 17-07-2009 09:44

SCUBA - How Do You Get Back Aboard?
Those of you who sail and SCUBA, how do you get back on board?

I've seen some great stern designs that would make a sail boat a natural for diving, but for the most part, how do you avoid being, well .... screwed?

cdennyb 17-07-2009 09:53

My Bene has a step or small plateform at the rear and since I have integrated weights in my BC, I inflate it and using the short rope with a snap at the end, I clip it off and drop it at the step. I take off my fins and lay them on the step and then just pop up on the stern and retreive the stuff easily. Once it's sitting on the step plateform I can easily stow it where it goes from there. I passed up several very nice vessels because they didn't have what I wanted in a transom, namely, easy entry and exit from the water.

GordMay 17-07-2009 09:58

Dive off your (inflatable) dinghy.
Look in my photo gallery to see how I avoid being well scewed. ;)

iiii 17-07-2009 10:04

We dive from our dingy, greatly simplifies getting in and out of the water.

FrankZ 17-07-2009 10:04


Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 305722)
Look in my photo gallery to see how I avoid being well scewed. ;)

Since you only have 232 gallery uploads it should be real easy to find.:rolleyes:

sck5 17-07-2009 10:19

if you have a dinghy motor hoist then leave the end of it at water level. Clip your stuff to it and get on board then hoist away. Or just dive from the dinghy.

delmarrey 17-07-2009 11:01

Ditto on the inflatable!
That's the main reason I bought an inflatable 20 years ago (and still have). Getting in and out of the water is so much easier. :D

GordMay 17-07-2009 11:04

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Originally Posted by FrankZ (Post 305726)
Since you only have 232 gallery uploads it should be real easy to find.:rolleyes:

What - you have something better to do?

Here's a sample ...

Strygaldwir 17-07-2009 11:13

That's why we like boats with the sugar scoops on the stern. We just max the inflation on the BC, take the fins off, put them on the scoop, take the BC off, climb up the ladder that hanging in the water, haul up the BC onto the scoop. Rinse off, store gear, have boat drink.

Usually though we take the dinghy to other dive sites. We don't like to haul anchor just to try to go diving. Besides the place we want to dive, we don't want to damage coral with anchor.

Now as big a question is how do you refill your tanks!? But that's another thread.

SkiprJohn 17-07-2009 11:21

In the very old days I would have my hard dinghy next to the boat. (an 8' Naples Sabot) I'd giant step off the boat, do my dive, then put my gear in the dinghy when I was done, climb aboard the big boat, get my wet suit off then get the heavy gear out of the dinghy. With BCs that keep your tank afloat all you need to do is tie it off and haul it up.
Nowadays with nice swim steps I can't imagine it being that hard.
Kind regards,

cdennyb 17-07-2009 11:22

maxair 35.... takes 20 minutes to top off a 80 cu ft. tank from 500 psi.
When you anchor to dive, find a sandy patch or ball and have fun. Dinghy has it's advantages though. It's usually in the water anyway.

rtbates 17-07-2009 11:50

The same way I always do. The trick is to it WITHOUT your gear on. When I dive, anywhere, I fill my BC with air and tie a rope to it and toss it in the water. I can don and get out of my gear much easier in the water. Why carry all that weight on your back???

anjinsan 17-07-2009 14:24

I agree with rtbates....I leave 3 or 4 lines over the side....tie off my weight belt on one..tank on another..and anything bag, fins, etc...then climb aboard and pull everything up separately...for this reason I have stayed with conventional equipment. No fancy ATpacks or Combination Tank, BC and weights...way to heavy for a single line to pull it aboard.

Sailbad 17-07-2009 15:33

Down under we use a dive ladder on the transom. It uses a central "post" with steps so there are no sides . Real easy to use even with fins on!

Portobello 17-07-2009 17:58

Yep - a good question to ask before the first dive!! haha

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