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GeorgeH 14-07-2009 14:17

Blog Update!
Updated my blog. Check it out!! Last time I will post that I updated it on here. I don't want to take up the space and I assume whoever is interested is already following along.

Hope everyone is well!!

George's Next Life

Ocean Girl 14-07-2009 21:20

George, Keep writing!! what a great blog! I feel like we are watching your adventure unfold real-time! Can I add another exclamation:)?
Have fun, Keep the faith,

GeorgeH 15-07-2009 09:37

Thanks for being my #1 fan, Ocean Girl!!

I try to entertain.

Paul L 15-07-2009 14:50

Did I read correctly that the J-33 you bought lost its mask? What was the failure mechanism?

Paul L

GeorgeH 15-07-2009 15:16

Very resourceful of you, Paul :-)

Yes, it lost it's mast in a storm. The previous, previous owners had comprised the structural quality of the mast near the base where it meets the top of the deck. It has been checked out, no structural damage was done to the body of the boat. There is a new mast on site that I am having put on before I get to the boat. I am putting on all new rigging to go with the new mast.

Paul L 15-07-2009 15:40

Not trying to be pushy, just interested in the rig failure. Do you know what actually failed to cause the rig to come down? Chainplate, toggle,....? For the mast to have come down due to comprise near the base, I would guess they would have had to drill a ton of holes near the partners and then had serious corrosion. This is a keel stepped mast, right? Must be a real pain to get a mast shipped into Tonga.

Paul L

Paul L 15-07-2009 15:42

I guess I should mention, I own J/37 that is setup for cruising - hence the interest.

Paul L

GeorgeH 15-07-2009 15:59

Bingo, bango. That is exactly what happened. I lot of holes drilled in some crazy scheme to reinforce it with more bolts. I sort of see the logic in doing that, other than I would like to trust that the boat manufacturer knew what they were doing when they built it, and it is probably best left as is.

Yes, it probably is a real pain to get a mast there. The guy I am buying it from already has one there, just sold it to me before he got around to putting it on.

I went to the J website and they don't have info posted on the J/37. Tell me about it.

Paul L 15-07-2009 16:10


Paul L

Paul L 15-07-2009 16:13

If you are going to haul the boat when you are in Tonga, do check the lower rudder bearings. Not sure if the J/33 was built with the Harken bearings or not. They may just be a delrin bushing. The Harken bearings have a tendency to have the race corrode beyond use.

Paul L

GeorgeH 15-07-2009 16:26

I am going to have the boat out of the water when I get there, to paint the bottom and go over the whole thing, and replace what needs it then. Seems like the best plan.

Yeah, I saw the j37 picture, but they have no info. How come?

Paul L 16-07-2009 08:08


Originally Posted by tongabound (Post 304872)
Yeah, I saw the j37 picture, but they have no info. How come?

Here's some info.

Paul L

GeorgeH 16-07-2009 08:14

I assume you are "Jeorgia?"

Looks good.

Paul L 16-07-2009 09:56


Paul L

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