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bobsadler 19-06-2009 04:21

Pocket Camera Recommendations?
the pocket e-camera (sony cyber-shot) i have currently is ok but not great

anyone got any recommendations for an upgrade (should be "boat-proof")



harmonytek 19-06-2009 06:02

Olympus makes a 1030SW, S for shock proof, W for water proof. I've snorkeled with it.

Bash 19-06-2009 07:24

Olympus Stylus 850SW
I recently took the 850 SW on a week-long kayak trip in Baja, snorkeling with it several times, and have no complaints. I found I was able to make it through a week with only one spare battery.

CharlieCobra 19-06-2009 07:32

I have a little Nikon and you can search for "Oh Joy" to see how the pictures are. I like it and the fact the lens is protected by a diaphragm when it's off.

David M 19-06-2009 07:32

I find that with things like this, the more expensive, the more likely it is to break. I would not spend an excess amount of money on a pocket camera. Also, the smaller it is, the more likely you are to bring it with you. I quit carrying around my SLR many years ago for that reason. I found that I was missing too many photo opportunities because I hated lugging around a large camera with its accompanying accessory bag. Keep it in a zip lock bag, it then becomes a cheap waterproof camera for an additional five cents. :)

In fact buy two cheap digital cameras and use one as your backup. That's still cheaper than the waterproof cameras. I am seeing 10 megapixel cameras on the internet for around a hundred bucks now.

jenny.caron 19-06-2009 08:53

I had a canon elph for two years on the boat and it did a great job. I have since upgraded to another canon.

Eric M 19-06-2009 09:02

I have had two Canon digital Elph's (the second was a megapixel upgrade of the first) and would recommend one to anyone looking for a pocket camera. They are durable and take great pictures. I have taken 3000+ pictures over the past 5 years with one or the other. I keep mine in a pelican case for trips in the dinghy to ensure it stays dry. Remember - Canon has always been known for great cameras.

jennsnow 19-06-2009 10:02

I just got this camera
Canon Powershot D10 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera - Waterproof in Point and Shoot Digital Cameras at

Works great and is shock proof, water proof up to 33 feet, and freeze proof (I am a skier). Most important for me was it keeps dust out too which is always the killer for my pocket digital cameras. Also is 12 mega pixels. I bought it from Amazon and was a little cheaper.....


Sailabel 19-06-2009 10:33

We're also in the market for a new camera. Ours still works fine (Olympus), but we found that the lcd screen is absolutely worthless in bright sunlight. So, tops on our list is an optical viewfinder (in addition to the lcd screen) as well as a frame that will fit easily in a pocket for dinghy rides ashore. It appears that Canon is one of the few manufacturers that still has this optical viewfinder option in a pocket size camera. While I have no experience with these... It looks like the Canon SD780IS elph is at the top of our list. And besides, Costco has it on sale this month. Any comments on the quality/suitablity of this camera would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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