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sandy daugherty 24-05-2009 05:50

The Legend Continues -
If somebody bought a loaf of bread, walked outside and stepped on it, then tried to return it, what would you say?

I bought a radio, a Quest X, and mounted it in a door accessing the electronics bay on my cat. In the process of installing more equipment, the mic got caught in the hinge and the rubber cover over the PTT switch was mangled. Without it, you cant talk on the radio, and it is permanently attached to the radio itself. It was pretty obvious I was up the creek.

I emailed customer support in the faint hope I could buy the little rubber button and figure out how to replace it. So here's the test: did they

a. Thank me for calling and suggest I return the entire radio for repair?

b. Leave me on hold for 38 minutes then say they regret that abuse, rather than normal wear and tear, was not covered by warranty?

c. Send me the little rubber button for $18.99 plus shipping?

d. Ship me a whole new microphone and a copy of the Service Manual with instructions on how to replace it, for free?

Those of you who answered a, b, or c, probably own other brands of radios.

Even this long time Standard Horizon user is amazed! :smiling:

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