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Weyalan 13-11-2005 19:54

Hello from Tasmania
Hello everyone.

I have just registered for these forums. I am in the process of purchasing my first boat; what an education it is turning out to be! I can see why people say a boat is just a hole in the water that you pour money into!

Anyway, this looks like a great site for me to pester you all with my dumb questions...provided I don't sink and drown during my delivery trip



Alan Wheeler 13-11-2005 21:50

Welcome Weyalan. Nah it's not just boats mate. It doesn't matter what recreation you have, you pour money into them all.

Talbot 14-11-2005 03:23

There is no such thing as a dumb question or an easy one - just a question for which your experience alows you to make an answer (or not).

Bob Norson 03-12-2005 19:21

if you sink in Tasmania will you drown or be cyrogenicaly preserved?? My advise?? sail like hell for Queensland!

Weyalan 18-12-2005 18:13

I just sailed down from Queensland (Mooloolaba) to Tasmania, and it was noticeably less warm in the latter locale.

Bob Norson 01-01-2006 22:33

yeah well.... this time of year I reckon Tassie is OK. I'm hunkered down and waiting for winter... 32 today but not half bad compared to Sydney!!!

rsn48 02-01-2006 00:39

The black hole
I have a buddy in Hobart who had run a franchised men's wear store, but his wife is running it now. I think he is more into retiring and tasting new beers.

When I pulled up to my mooring in my new slip in Horseshoe Bay in BC with my new "used" boat, I mumbled something to the older couple on their power boat next to me about how boats were just dark holes to throw money at. The Mrs. of the boat who must be in here mid 70's looked at me and said - "young man what is important is that it is your black hole!":jump:

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