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SKMT 26-05-2022 09:40

Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
My friend sold me a roll up hypalon dinghy for $40. It has a leak from what looks to be a pvc patch. This is a pure back up dinghy. Considering I just put a brand new outboard on my skiff, I would say it's most likely I won't even need to inflate this dinghy in the next 2 years. Also it has no title (in Florida), so the outlook for ever using it more than a handful of times (when i have no other option) is slim. For these reasons I'm not inclined to undertake a repair of significant effort or much expense.

Are there any recommendations for a general adhesive that can gum up under the edge of the existing patch (without removal) enough to hold air for a rare use? I already have super glue, loctite marine sealant, 5200, E6000 (similar to shoe goo), and various epoxies on hand. Or I can buy something cheap if none of those stand a chance.

Rumrace 26-05-2022 10:09

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
Lexel probably shred it if you try to remove it. It’s a sealant which sticks like glue appears like silicone. Home Depot stock small hand tube and small chalk gun size. I glued a transom back on a Dinghy for a season only are not falling apart
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jamhass 26-05-2022 10:40

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
I had good luck with the internal sealant -- similar to bike inner tube goo, but it dries to a semi-hard film. West Marine and other have it. Not cheap, but it does the job. An effort to slosh it all around, but kind-of fun and it WILL amuse your neighbors.

donradcliffe 26-05-2022 12:10

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
I'd use 5200.

stormalong 26-05-2022 14:44

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
Super glue.

JPA Cate 26-05-2022 15:02

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
i agree with Don. I'd try the 5200. It will stay flexible and it works below the water line once it is cured. It will take a long time to cure, but put it on lightly inflated, and leave it saggy while it cures. Otherwise, it is not hard to learn how to patch a hypalon dinghy, and they are great for kids or grandkids to play in, or if two adults want to go to different places. You can even put real oars on one.


FULLCIRCLE331 26-05-2022 15:35

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
Try green slime, sold on Amazon. Similar to the product sold by West Marine but much cheaper. Made for tire tuber. I used on an inflatable I had to inflate everyday. Put it in the tubes roll the inflatable around to cover all internal surfaces. Didn't have to inflate for two months.

Redline452 27-05-2022 07:30

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
If you use any of the internal sealants, you will have to inflate & deflate the dinghy several times to let the sealant dry completely - if it is then rolled up, there is a good chance that the insides of the tubes will stick together and it will never unroll again (ask me how I know).

I would put a new, larger, patch over the old one, with the surfaces (dinghy, old patch and new patch) properly cleaned and prepped, and good quality contact cement or the dinghy-specific stuff.

I have had good success with "Final Fix" (no relation, just a customer); a thick grey adhesive in a grease-gun-type cartridge. Put a couple of arc-shaped patches around the stern cones of my Zodiac where a seam had a slow leak.

bensolomon 28-05-2022 09:30

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
By the two part hypalon cement. The patch will come off pretty easy, actually. Best to do it right the first time, and it won't take that much extra time.

But ....shortcut is to peel up what you can, use some MEK to get up any extra, put some small sticks under it. Paint both surfaces with hypalon cement, let dry for one minute, then pull the sticks out one at a time and press.

Nicholson58 02-06-2022 04:23

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
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Bite the bullet and do it right. Use a small right angle grinder and fine flap wheel to remove the patch and scarify the surface. Apply a proper hypalon patch. It will take a couple hours.

Or you could try this.

Retirement home 02-06-2022 05:31

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
I used a bicycle tube repair patch and rubber cement. Was planning to fix properly but patch worked.
Wasn't a tear. Just a pin prick type hole

overboard 02-06-2022 06:14

Re: Temporarily seal leaky inflatable patch?
sc2000. its used for gluing conveyor belts, but after many dinghy patch failures (lexel, 5200, etc.) a salty dog suggested this as the best solution for hypalon. he was right. not a cheap glue, but its cheap over time. fairest winds. lauri

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