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cajucito 21-05-2022 18:10

B&G autopilot blues
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I have 2 B&G autopilots neither of which are working. One is a hydra and the other is a network 2000 pilot. I have 2 ACP computer controllers both can switched to drive a 12v hydrolic ram. The boat was stored for 2 years so hydra display died that left me with only the network 2000 but the network showed err17 on all displays which I could not trace. I disconnected everything and wired the network pilot display directly to the ACP unit, the err17 was fixed but I get a no pilot message. I tried putting a network termination resistor across green and white wires as that's the way it's wired on the hydra ACP but no luck. I suspect the ACP for the network 2000 is not working. All cabling for rudder feedback gyro compass and network is good. I'm not sure about terminating the network wiring when I only have 1 device connected. The left connector at back of display goes to ACP unit and right cable just supplies 12vdc. I'm pretty sure the ACP for the hydra works so next step is to reconfigur that ACP from hydra to network by swopping the firmware chips and changing the jumpers on the circuit board. I did this before and it worked. Any ideas on this greatly appreciated otherwise I have to buy a 3rd autopilot not cheap here in New Caledonia

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