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El Pinguino 21-05-2022 14:56

EPIRBs and Airlines
Specifically 'American Airlines'.

Qantas say you can carry EPIRBs in either hold or cabin baggage.

American Airlines really says nothing at all that I can find and the TSA just passes the buck.

Anybody have any recent experiences with American?

JC Reefer 21-05-2022 15:27

Re: EPIRBs and Airlines
I have never had an problem with an EPIRB and flying. If it has a lithium battery, it should technically be carried in a carry-on bag.

Other than that, what would be the issue?

El Pinguino 21-05-2022 16:06

Re: EPIRBs and Airlines
The issue is that I would be carrying them into the US on an international flight, and then checking them in again at Miami with American for a domestic flight and then again with Qantas at LA. So if 'carry on' that is three separate security checks.
Best TSA has to offer is that its up to the airline and also at the discretion of the TSA officer at security on the day - sigh - been there - seen how that goes.

JC Reefer 21-05-2022 17:40

Re: EPIRBs and Airlines
Iím sorry, what security issue is there? Is there some material inside the device that is regulated?

If you are really worried about airline security, you mail it to the final destination. But again, not sure what they could say.

goboatingnow 21-05-2022 21:12

Re: EPIRBs and Airlines
I’ve carried them , one very recently , ( no is flights ) nobody batted an eyelid , don’t ask just go

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