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Rederiet 21-05-2022 11:45

Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
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Hi Forum
I am trying to connect a Himunication HM390s to my boat wifi via NMEA 0183. The purpose is to get GPS and AIS data from the VHF to wifi. The vhf comes with a NMEA cable (see photo). According to the manual the brown wire should be the talker (NMEA out) and the green wires should be the listener (NMEA in). I would then connect brown to the plus port on my wifi multiplexer and green to minus. That did not work and have tried all kinds of combinations but cannot get the data to my NMEA4Wifi multiplexer. Does anyone have experience with this VHF or a advice on how the colors should be wired.
Kind regards

HeywoodJ 21-05-2022 13:42

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
Should be brown and black, most likely black to minus, although nomenclature is never perfect.

Then you need to make sure baud rates match, NMEA 0183 defaults to 4800 but AIS devices use 38400, so confirm that on both ends.

Pandor 22-05-2022 04:07

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
What Haywood says is correct. Both the talker and listener are both positive and need their own grounds. If the purpose of connection is only to receive GPS and AIS, then you only need to connect the listener (Green) and a ground. But since AIS is high speed baud and GPS isn’t , this will be a problem. Likely will only get GPS.

EDIT: woops, I misread your post. If you want to get the AIS and GPS from VHF to the multiplexer, then you don’t need to connect listener at all. Just the talker and ground. But there may be two separate talkers. One for high speed AIS and one for GPS.

GordMay 22-05-2022 04:39

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Allan.

Rederiet 22-05-2022 12:10

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
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Thanks a lot Haywood and Pandor. I have attached a screenshot of the designations given in the VHF manual. Any ideas which ones are the talkers? I guess brown and green in this case?

Gypsy23 22-05-2022 16:41

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
As already mentioned Brown & Black for the talker output with Brown to the +ve and Black the -ve.
I would expect the AIS and GPS data to be sent on the same 'talker' output, already mixed together in the device. Check data settings for bothe rthe talker side and the listener side. Should be 38,400b for adequate speed for the AIS data. If the listener only accepts 4,800 then you can go the lower speed but some AIS data may be lost.
Green is USB-Tx. A different data set/speed not compatible with NMEA0183.

Rederiet 27-05-2022 09:36

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
Just so say it it all works after connecting it up like you advised above. The VHF has a baud setting and I can now see both the gps and AIS data coming the. Thanks for your great advice!

Gypsy23 27-05-2022 15:50

Re: Himunication HM390s VHF NMEA 0183
Thanks for posting your positive result. Tenacity and a great forum win again.

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