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thinwater 12-05-2022 17:58

Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I'm sick of the one I have (Dewalt. Durable as hell, but not random, slow, and poor dust collection.)

What is fast and not Fein-expensive? Bosch seems to make some nice ones.

Corded preferred.

rslifkin 12-05-2022 18:03

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I don't have a speed comparison to the high end units, but the Makita 5 inch I've got (don't have the model number handy) has performed well. Dust collection isn't perfect but it's pretty good, even with stuff like bottom paint. Much better than the DeWalt rotary sander I have.

scherzoja 12-05-2022 18:57

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I've had this one for a few years and it's great. Random orbital or single rotation/direction, like an angle grinder. It also has a speed dial.

I've used it mostly for fiberglass work and cabinetry. Vacuum exhaust system works well. It also seems to have a strong motor because I can put a lot of weight, pushing downward on it and it barely slows and really removes glass fast. With fine-grit paper, it does a great job on sanding face frames; doesn't show lines on cross grain.

Not sure what the current, equivalent model number is, but it appears to no longer be available on the Bosch website.

Nord Sal 12-05-2022 19:13

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I have a Bosch 1250 DEVS 6" dual-mode sander. It's a beast in the eccentric mode and works like a conventional RO in random orbital mode. Dust collection works well.

It's comparable to the 6" Festool Rotax or Fein dual mode but was about half the price.

Edit: It looks like the 1250 DEVS is discontinued. The current model (link below) looks similar but I have no experience with it. They now also make a 5" version which wasn't available.

kayakerChuck 12-05-2022 19:48

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I have a box full of DeWalt & Bosch.

I actually use the Festool. Silly $$$, but excellent dust collection and minimal vibration. My old, arthritic hands are much happier with the Festool.

The Bosch works well, but it makes my hands stop working.

Bowdrie 12-05-2022 20:14

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
As a boatwright, I've found that my "go to" for smaller work is the 5" DeWalt.
Yeah, it's not the greatest, but as the OP posted, it's a durable little beast and light enough to use one handed.
However, when "real work" is needed the 6" PC gets the nod.
It gets a lot of use when actually "shaping" wood as well as heavier duty sanding.
It makes quick work of grinding off epoxy that has extruded from joints/fabrications.

HankOnthewater 12-05-2022 20:55

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
Like post #4 said, Bosch works very well. I have a 6" model for 15 years or so, used on many big jobs. Now I use mostly battery operated 5" ones (AEG and Ryobi) for smaller jobs and the Bosch one gets out only for the bigger jobs. Prior to Bosch I had a similar 6" Metabo that was went missing from a job, I found Bosh better.

Matt Johnson 12-05-2022 21:08

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
The Bosch dual mode is pretty heavy. It's a quality sander, but be aware that the weight gets old after a while.

Fore and Aft 12-05-2022 23:18

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I have worn out both a Metabo, Bosch and Makita 6" random orbital. All worked well and I am just about to buy a new Makita sander ($320). Has anyone here in Australia ever used a Renegade 150mm random orbital sander. At $80 it would be interesting to compare it to a Makita.
Having started my apprenticeship on a rectangular orbital sander, any random orbital is a huge improvement.

Ivanvet 12-05-2022 23:48

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I have a festool and it was the best investment I’ve made when it comes to tools. Great dust collection and light too.

Benz 13-05-2022 03:27

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I have both a Festool 5" and the far heavier 6"
Eye-watering cost, especially with the vaccuum that makes the system so nice, but after all the days of sanding I've done, head and shoulders above every other sander. I find that I spend less on sandpaper with them, because each disc lasts longer than any other paper I've used, and a Very Expensive Box of sandpaper discs has many more units than the smaller boxes I used to buy for my Dewalt.
But the dust collection alone is worth the cost for me: I hate masks, and I hate dust, and I need fear neither with the Festool.

sailorboy1 13-05-2022 04:39

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
I haven't had enough of them to know the differences so I guess the one I have is my favorite. I used it a couple days ago for first time in 3 years, I think it is orange.

Scubaseas 13-05-2022 11:21

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
Bosch all the way. 5" is light but reliable. 6" is indeed a heavy sander but the whole line is good quality. Used both professionally for auto body and extensive boat repairs.

Joli 13-05-2022 11:28

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
Hard to beat Festool or Fein but I've had good service from Port Cable based on grinder bodies.

waterman46 13-05-2022 11:45

Re: Favorite Random Orbit Sander
Bosch corded. If you want really good dust collection with any small sander, you should hook it to an external vacuum. Bosch models (I have 2) make this easy.

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