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Chotu 12-05-2022 05:35

It just might be time for a rigger.
Some of you know my story from multiple posts here.

Really great development has happened recently. Do you know how I wasn’t able to find anyone to put together my forward cross beam/bow tube? I was having trouble finding fabricators for that?

Well, one of the Forum members upgraded his bow tube on his similar size boat. He had an old one left over, and I bought it.

Now the goal posts have changed a little bit. I’m looking for some advice. Some direction on how I should get this completed the quickest way. I’m definitely not looking for the cheapest way. I just want to get this done. Fast.

Other members here that have machine shops have been kind enough to offer their help. They are located far away however, so now that I have a properly built bow tube, all I need is to get it attached to the boat. And the other part of the fabrication I need is in person. The mast extension. A splice. So this is all local work now.

Here are some of the things I need to do, and I am not in Florida right now to do them:

1) get the 5’6” splice done to my mast at the bottom
2) get the new shrouds and forestay set up
3) Cut a couple inches off the bow tube so it fits my boat. It’s literally 2 inches too long.
4) fabricate the stainless attachment brackets that connect to the bow tube and connect to my hull. There are a pair of them obviously. They are what holds it onto the boat.
5) fabricate a mast base. The mast itself already has a plate that can integrate with a mast base. Or I could have one of the collar type. I don’t really care which way it goes.
6) laminate the composite chain plates. My helper ended up on a delivery and he has been gone for a very long time. But he should be able to get that done right when he gets back.
7) build the sail control table and route running rigging around the deck, installing various deck hardware (Another project for my helper and the rigger to work on)
8) Install Traveler. Project for my helper also
9) transport the 22 foot long bow tube from the East Coast of Florida to my boat which is more near the West Coast. Definitely not a big deal. I have other 22 foot long pieces of stock that I traveled I just stuck it on the roof of my pick up truck and tied it to the front bumper and tied a bunch in the back in the bed. No problem. Easy with a pick up truck. It weighs 147 pounds. It’s in Port Canaveral. Maybe if someone was going by with their boat they could also grab it and move it.

I need to do all of this while I am not there. I have work up here that I have to complete. I would like to return to a boat that has these items completed.

I know all of the dimensions. I’ve worked out all of the rigging, all of the angles with the mast extension, everything. All the dimensions are known and in drawings.

So I really need a take charge rigger that will be able to Get these pieces together, handle the loose ends and get this mast up.

Does anyone have some advice on how I should proceed with this?

I tried the most recommended rigger nearby. He was recommended on this forum. And unfortunately, he had a heart attack. So he is not doing it anymore.

I have made the grave decision here to give up my location so that I can get this done while I’m not there. I don’t like to talk about that publicly, but, the boat will be moving after the Mast is on. So I’m not as worried. I need a rigger that will come to Fort Myers. Someone who has the connections and the capability to pull this part of the project together. I can work my tail off up here to earn the money to pay the guy.

Any suggestions?

If you are a rigger and you are reading this, please do not hesitate to make a commercial offer. I will not be offended. I need your help and expertise.

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