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Extemporaneous 02-05-2009 07:20

Which Side?
I'm about to install my shore power connection and was wondering if there is any logic to apply so far as which side to install it on, the starboard or port side? I will not always be docking on the same side so that will not be considered. May seam like a silly question and perhaps it is, we'll see what folks have to say. Let me know if there is any logic to apply. Note that at this point I can still make interior changes to the plan. The answer may lie in the requirement of other equipment logically being installed on a particular side.

Let me know,

imagine2frolic 02-05-2009 07:23

Which ever side makes the wiring educated guess.......i2f

Sandero 02-05-2009 07:32

The decision is driven by:

location of AC system / equipment
and location of shore inlet so as to be either protected from weather and not a tripping hazard

I tried to minimize the wire runs and segregate all the 110v gear, inverter, shore power, main 110v panel, breakers and transfer switch.

In my case since the main DC distribution panel was on port at the nav station and all the wires over there are 12v I put all the 110v stuff to starboard. The equipment lives in a well ventilated but relatively inaccessible and hardly used locker which is now AC gear. The panels are on a bulkhead (starboard side) in the galley.

Everything is separated except the 12v supply to the inverter and the 12v output of the shore power which naturally are connected to 110v equipment.

I don't care for panels which have BOTH 12v and 110v

amarinesurveyor 02-05-2009 08:22

Put it on the side where your 120 volt panel is; a short run to the panel and main breaker is best.

CharlieJ 08-05-2009 14:43

Echoing "amarinesurveyor" above, note that if the conductor length from the inlet to the shore power circuit breaker on your panel board is greater than 10', measured along the conductor, than an auxiliary double pole breaker (30 amp) or triple pole breaker (50 amp, split phase) is necessary to stay in compliance with ABYC E-11.

Cheechako 08-05-2009 15:06

Which side would you dock to given the choice? or most often where you are?

Pblais 08-05-2009 16:41

On the same side as the panel (it's shorter) . Think short when runing wires. It's always a PITA except in the factory. There usually is a good route to the panel but not if you have to cross over.

The only real question is stern or bow. I've always been on the bow but I've had big bulkwarts to mount them to.

Charlie 08-05-2009 17:18

30 amp wire is not too expensive. The main thing I would look at is where you can place the cord w/o tripping on it. My boat is wired on the port side and my panel is on Stbd. When I think about it the reason they did that was b/c the qtr berth is on the stbd side.

James S 20-06-2009 02:50

It cant be in the center?

captain465 20-06-2009 03:55

Since most sailboats generally dock bow in, my choice would be somewher near the bow of the boat.......avoiding long, trip inducing wire runs lying on deck.

Extemporaneous 20-06-2009 21:07

Well, it ended up being on the Starboard side, between the cockpit and the Pilothouse. It's in a combing, not totally out of the way, but not too bad. It works out well on the interior. If I get a chance I'll take a picture and post.

Thanks all,

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