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SCWentz 23-11-2021 20:25

Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Hello all from Central Florida,

After XX years I am no longer able to stay satisfied with being landlocked. A couple months ago, thanks to the most patient ASA sailing instructor in the world, and an obliging pod of porpoise, the Wife is hooked as well.
Currently we are scheduled for ASA classes out of the FL East coast, with eyes on whatever sailing life the world allows us. One day we hope to own a vessel of our own, but in the mean time, hope to spend as many weekends as possible sitting in marinas or dock bars discussing likes and dislikes with current owners, sharing drinks and sea stories. Maybe scrubbing bird crap here and there in exchange for a boat tour. Or playing heavies to learn more advanced boat maintenance skills.
We know just enough to know we don't know enough, and are looking for whatever education we can glean from the experience of others, and look forward to sharing a table or anchorage with as many of you as possible in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Fair winds and following seas,
Steve and Jen

SCWentz 23-11-2021 21:07

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
... on a side note, we are also in the midst of a 10 year quest to find the best blackened fish sandwich in Florida, and are open to any and all suggestions

GordMay 24-11-2021 04:21

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Steve and Je.

tkeithlu 24-11-2021 05:51

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Consider the idea of purchasing a pocket boat, say 22 to 25 feet long, that you can trailer to the nearest bay and day sail, or even go overnight. There are bunches of them on the market - just avoid any that will require those new skills to make sailable. The best way to get experience is experience in small doses.


SCWentz 24-11-2021 09:14

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Tkeithlu, our sailing school has a program where we have access to a Hunter 23.5, for $75 per trip. We are planning on using that as often as possible at first.
I had a decent, but not overly extensive sailing education in my youth, the Wife grew up landlocked. So, we are giving ourselves a good year before we even think of making a purchase, and in the meantime going to get on the water as often as possible.
I've been fortunate so far in getting a couple invites to go pinging around Biscayne Bay in a Corsair F27 recently, and have to admit, there is some serious fun to be had with the right trailer sailer. It was a major change from the sailing I did as a kid on a 58' gaff rigged Sampson (ferrocement) ketch that still used wooden blocks and could just about be overtaken by a rowboat.
At this point, we are open to experiencing just about everything until we figure out where we will land on that grand scale of performance, comfort, and affordability.
Thanks for the reply!

OldManMirage 25-11-2021 05:50

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
I'd like to know more about the quest for the blackened fish sandwich as I really enjoy them too. Where have you tried and what did like best so far ?

I am in Jacksonville, anything near me ?

For what its worth, my wife and I did much the same as you, although after our first trailer sailer we jumped right into living aboard a Catalina 27 for 3 years. We were young and it was fun, but I'll need something bigger now to entice back aboard...if I can at all ! :biggrin: But she's ok with letting me go off as long as I don't forget where home is. :thumb:

SCWentz 25-11-2021 06:11

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
On the sandwich front, most of the places are lost to memory, I get a new favorite and stick with it until I find a new one. Right now, front runners are Norwood's near Daytona (although more for the tree house dining area than the sandwich), and Ichabod's down in Melbourne. There used to be a place right near Pete's Pier in Crystal River, but haven't been over to see if they are still around since COVID. Same with the place down just South of Sarasota, haven't been to see if they are still around.
Will have to start keeping better notes on sandwich chasing!
Don't know about living aboard just yet, still working her up to sleep aboard

SCWentz 02-12-2021 17:56

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Sorry for the additional newb post, but can anyone tell me how to send a PM on this platform?

NavyDave_andMe 03-12-2021 18:07

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Steve and Jen, did someone get back to you, privately, perhaps? Click on the highlighted user name of the intended recipient of your message, and select "send private message" in the dropdown menu. If I'm wrong, would someone please help us both out?

SCWentz 03-12-2021 18:10

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust
Thanks, Cheryl!
... and welcome to the forum!

Adelie 10-12-2021 19:55

Re: Knocking off a couple decades of rust

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