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graham 19-04-2003 00:07

Cost of Liveaboard Dockage?
The answers to this will probably take a while seeing that this forum is SO-NEW!

As a prospective "live-aboard", I was woundering what people are paying these days to get a live aboard dock, and what untilities etc are generally available today!



GordMay 19-04-2003 02:32

Year 2000: Paid $650/Mo for C&C29
in Ft Lauderdale,
included 30A 120V Power, Permanent Waste Pumpout @ Dock, Cable TV, & (1) Parking Space, use of shore-side shower/washroom, laundry, BBQ & pool .
Excellent facility.
Paid ZERO for mooring @ Staniel Cay, Bahamas :).
including our share of paradise.

graham 19-04-2003 07:43

That's pretty amazing for someone like me to hear!
650/month for all that,

Do they do it by the foot there, or by the boat and all 40 foot slips?

Thanks for that great info, gives me tons of hope!

Do you live aboard on the 29?

tenknots 21-04-2003 01:02

Titusville FL., 30 foot sail.
$220/mo includes 30 amp elec. Showers, laundry, Floating docks, hurricanes, phone hookup, etc. Liveaboard fee was $40/boat, included in that amount. Need AC!

Chesapeake Bay, 45 foot sail.
$5200/yr (paid in quarters, advance!) billed for elec. Nice showers, laundry, grills, tables, pool, hosted parties, fixed dock, phone hookup. Liveaboard fee is $600/year, included in above. Water is turned off in winter! Need big tanks and jerry jugs.

Ft. Liquordale is one of the most expensive places around.

Lots of high end places include cable, all include water. Attitude towards liveaboards is more important than price!

GordMay 21-04-2003 01:22

Re: Liveaboard
" Ft. Liquordale is one of the most expensive places around. "


graham 18-05-2003 00:39

Seems like if you can see yourself living in small quaters, and don't mind the occassional movement and close neighbors, living aboard is a have way desent (sailbooat in my case), and potentially wonderful life!

I'm considering something in the 38 to 42 range, water tankage no less then 200 gallons, and I suppose what you get at many of these live aboard marinas kind of spells, "home"!

Thanks for your comments!

:jump: Exciting to think about, but my deadline must be no later then September, as my house will be renovated by then, and I should hopefully have a renter in it by October, so I'll be in a self imposed homeless situation with all of my possessions in a 40 foot container on the corner of my property.

At 50 this June, I'm kind of forcing myself into a position of having to live my life long dream. No more putting it off, no more excuses, no more reasons why not.

S/V Elusive 22-11-2006 04:42

I thought that I would revive this thread - two years after the origination.

Currently: 375/mth for 40' slip, 125/mth for liveaboard - Channel Islands Harbor, CA

What you get for 125 liveaboard fee - Showers
Water & Electric come with the slip and are unmetered.

I just went down to Chula Vista (South San Diego Bay) and got the rates for there.

C. V. - Slip fee for 45' slip: 563/mth Liveaboard: 250/mth.

What you get for 250/mth -Showers, small exercise room. Thats it. You pay metered electric, and you are required to have a pump out service pump you out at least monthly.

Isn't greed a wonderful thing? All values are USD.

windthief 22-11-2006 15:57

Sunny San Diego, shelter island marina my bill for this month is $20.00 for electricity
$585.00 for the slip fee
$350.00 for the liveaboard fee.

ooohhh my it is pricy.
We are going to a mooring next summer for the last year and a half before we leave for a circumnavigation. The savings will alow us alot more savings and equipment.

44'cruisingcat 22-11-2006 16:08

Hervey Bay Qld (Aus) For a 40 foot boat (monohull) I pay $1700 Au for 6 months, includes power, water and showers. Secure parking too.

vonnwonder 22-11-2006 17:14

We live aboard in Trinidad most of the year at $650 american for a 40 footer.That gives us toilet,shower,pool,electical,water etc.Very nice place.

chuckr 22-11-2006 17:54

Miami -- varies a bit but for a 40' better count on $850 plus $100 liveaboard fee - includes water, elec, laundry, showers and great security - 2 years ago was $470 plus about $50

Tropic Cat 22-11-2006 18:09

Melbourne, FL (east central Florida) is $11.00 USD per foot per month. What you get for $139.00 liveaboard fee - Showers, Water. Electricity comes with the slip and is unmetered.

Rick in Florida

S/V Elusive 22-11-2006 22:30

Rick M - is that 11/ft USD for a standard slip, or one for a cat / tri?

Tropic Cat 23-11-2006 06:05

It's for either. I don't pay a premium for owning a cat.

Rick in Florida

irwinsailor 23-11-2006 07:56

I am surprised at the costs of dockage in my area here in the Great Lakes compared to warm areas where boating can be done year round. A 60' slip for the season is $6000. and winter storage is as high as $5000. for a total of $11000. a year. It does not seem that dockage is all that much more in the south.

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