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boto 19-04-2009 09:09

Cleaning Salt Water From Power Cord
We had a bit of a blow here in Kemah Texas yesterday, recorded 67kts in the Watergate marina about 1430 hrs, loads of fun.* At one point the power pedestal that we plug into was wripped from the dock and into the drink, we later fished out the pedestal and cords.* I've flushed the connections of the power cords with fresh water, however I have looking for some ideas on how to better clean out any remaining salt water.*Does anyone have any suggestions?

Pblais 19-04-2009 09:26

I wonder how the pedestal was attached if a strong wind blew it into the water. I assume it was pulled out by an attached power cord. You'll want to pull it all apart ASAP to protect as much as you can. The metering system for the power may have a trashed circuit board already as well as any sensor for a light that automatically comes on. I wouldn't be plugging it until you can clean it up and put it back together. Splicing back the connections is not something to take lightly either. It should be a waterproof splice.

David M 19-04-2009 09:27

Unless it is one of the types of connectors that can be taken apart and cleaned, I think that flushing it out with fresh water, giving it plenty of time to dry out and then spraying it with something that displaces water stopping any further oxidation, is the best that you can do. Spraying in some electrical cleaner helps to remove the moisture quicker.

I pack a little silicon grease in my shorepower connectors to reduce the rate at which the electrical contacts oxidize.

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