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settlednomad 15-04-2009 14:16

Hello to all
Hi All,

I am here to search for as much info as possible. I am 40 and intend circumnavigating the world with my family, beginning next year (if that's possible!!).

We've bare-boat chartered a few times in Wales, I'm RYA day skipper qualified and I've helped on a couple of deliveries including a 15-day passage from Scotland to the Azores. I hope to be on another in May delivering a boat from Antigua to the UK. All in aid of building miles and experience.

I find the physical side of things; sell house, buy boat, get experience, buy provisions and head out of port simple enough to deal with though the bureaucratic side of things gives me a headache without having looked in to it in too much depth....IS IT REALLY ALL THAT BAD: visa's, paperwork for boat, paperwork for persons on board etc. Someone please tell me I'm worrying about nothing!!!!

Anyhows, nice to be here amongst like-minded people. Hope to find all the answers to my questions on this site and maybe forge some friendships along the way.

All the very best,


imagine2frolic 15-04-2009 14:34

I don't find it much different than dealing with traveling through airports. It's part of the situation, and after a while it becomes just another few hours spent accomplishing things. BEST WISHES in completeing your time schedule, but schedules can be the unraveling of a perfectly laid plan........i2f

Pblais 15-04-2009 14:42


I am 40 and intend circumnavigating the world with my family, beginning next year (if that's possible!!).
The minute you step aboard you are doing it! Once you are not in a hurry you have mastered the first step. Once you start I suggest you take as long as possible. This is not the race you need to win.

SkiprJohn 17-04-2009 11:52

Aloha Darren,
Welcome aboard! Good luck on living the dream.
Kind regards,

settlednomad 17-04-2009 23:51

Thanks to all for your kind welcoming words.

I have just registered with a delivery company and have my first trip at the beginning of May: Antigua - Azores - UK. This should significantly bump up my miles (3500+ nm) and experience. Can't wait to get back on the water!


starfish62 18-04-2009 09:34

Cruising paperwork isn't that bad. Boat papers, passports & crew list was all that I was ever asked for. Some countries require agricultural inspections and/or medical affidavits, but it's all pretty painless.

settlednomad 18-04-2009 17:59

Hi Starfish, thanks for the heads up.

The more I read about different aspects of sailing/circumnavigation, the more the pieces are falling in to place. I guess it was (and to some extent still is) just an overwhelming prospect initially.

We have time on our side so small steps are called for!


maxingout 18-04-2009 22:10

The paperwork is the easy part of sailing around the world. As long as your boat is registered/documented, and you have passports and crew lists, you are good to go.

The only piece of paperwork that can stop you in your tracks is to not have port clearance papers from the last country you visited. When you show up in the next country without clearance papers, there's no telling what they will do, including giving you hefty fine.

During our circumnavigation, the only place I did not clear out of was Egypt when we finished transiting the Suez Canal. The officials in Israel did not seem to mind - they never even mentioned it. But I would not try that approach any place else.

Paperwork is the easiest part of a circumnavigation.

settlednomad 22-04-2009 10:26

Hi Dave,

With regards the paperwork for a boat etc, what should one receive/ask for as part of the buying process?

Does the registered country of origin or build always remain with the boat? Can it be re-registered to the country I am living in or, for that matter, is it obligatory to do so? Is this another expense?



imagine2frolic 24-04-2009 09:45


I remember the first time I got a close look to a sailboat. I looked at the rigging, and ropes, and thought I would never sort it out. Like the Chinese say, The 1000 mile journey begins with the first step, just go a step at a time, and it won't be overwhelming.......i2f

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