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hpeer 13-06-2021 18:35

Barometer woes
The Weems and Plath barometer on the boat has not worked for a very long time. It kind of moves but is not matching the pressure on my iPhone.

I recently took it down and adjusted it. Set it to match the iPhone. A low came by, it moved significantly, but is now reading low by a hood bit.

Any maintenance tricks for these devices or just pitch and replace?

SeanPatrick 13-06-2021 20:31

Re: Barometer woes
You could send it to Ridge White for servicing:

Paul L 13-06-2021 21:16

Re: Barometer woes
If you are anywhere near a commercial airport you can get realtime, calibrated sea level barometer readings here

Wotname 14-06-2021 02:27

Re: Barometer woes
The barometer has a handful of tiny moving bits and bobs inside, all of which gum up. Any half decent instrument maker or watchmaker should be able to strip it down, clean up the bearing surfaces (ultrasound), lube and reassemble. Most likely it will be better than new.

This is standard practice for aviation altimeters.

Manateeman 14-06-2021 05:48

Re: Barometer woes
Long before GPS and VHF I learned a trick till you can get to a watch maker to clean and oil. Put the barometer in a plastic bag , seal tight and squeeze it a number of times. Sometimes you can pull a little vacuum like blowing up a balloon in reverse. Just watch the dial so you donít over do it. This is not a cure but sometimes just frees up the stuck parts. We used a special whale oil. Honest.

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