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and4ew 28-04-2021 10:48

Should I have a boom vang?
My Bayfield 29c does not have a boom vang. Looking at pics of other Bayfield 29s most don't but some do. My old Co26 had one so I know it's not a boat size thing. I know that the vang is used to flatten the sail. Bayfield 29's traveller is on the transom but I'm not sure if that makes the sail flatter...can't see that it would.

My question is: is it worth adding one? My use is strictly coastal cruising.

alctel 28-04-2021 10:50

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
I added a vang and ended up using it all the time, it's such a simple, useful sail control.

HeinSdL 28-04-2021 10:56

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
I wanted to say "Yes" but the msg has to be at least 5 characters, so here goes again:

gonesail 28-04-2021 11:04

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
if you add a vang .. spring for a rigid vang or boom kicker .. and do away with the topping lift.

radsailor 29-04-2021 08:37

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
Yes to the vang and double yes to the boom kicker
I installed both on my Cape Dory Typhoon

sail sfbay 29-04-2021 08:38

Re: Should I have a boom vang?

Originally Posted by and4ew (Post 3396745)
My Bayfield 29c does not have a boom vang.........My question is: is it worth adding one?............

Your call.....a boom vang is used on a sailboat to pull down the boom on off-wind points of sail when the wind in the mainsail would lift the boom. Proper use of a boom vang helps keep the sail full and drawing well. if your main sail is older and getting baggy and difficult to flatten, particularly when you’re pointed off the wind a boom vang will help flatten your sail to help spill the wind to reduce heeling.

Ken Pole 29-04-2021 08:54

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
ditto on vang and kicker combo.

TrentePieds 29-04-2021 08:58

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
The Bayfield 29 is hardly a racing boat. Therefore there is no need to be able to flatten the main to squeeze out the last tenth of a knot of speed or the last half degree of weatherliness. Therefore there is no need for a vang qua sail trimming device.

HOWEVER, in an accidental gybe, the boom end can rise up a heck of a long way, what with the sheet taken to the transom. Therefore a "vang" can be fitted as a "preventer" to alleviate the worst effects of an accidental gybe in that it prevents the boom end from rising and then crashing down again.

Looking at pictures and at boats, the device looks the same from a distance whether it has one employment or the other.

Unless your boom is flexible enuff to bend under the tension of the vang no flattening of the sail will happen as a result of hauling on the vang. My boom is not that flexible, so I'm quite content not to have vang.

The proper procedure for "wearing ship" ("jibing" to Americans) in a Bayfield 29 is to do as MySaintedMother taught me: Induce a slow turn, and keeping pace with the turn haul the sheet taut. As you get the wind on the stern, the sheet will be fully taut and will, by itself, prevent the boom rising into a "Chinese gybe". As the wind comes on the other side, you let the sheet run and trim to the new point of sail.

My own technique in a tiller-steered boat like the B29 is to stand up facing aft, stick the tiller twixt my legs to hold it at the appropriate degree of helm , use both hands to haul the sheet in hand over hand, timing the haul to the rate of turn. When the boom is nearly midships, I duck under it. Once I'm through the wind, I plop down on the new weather-side seat and resume normal steering and sail trimming. The whole rigmarole from wind on one quarter to wind on the other quarter takes maybe 10 seconds.

So it's all very quick, and it's just a matter of practice to develop the technique. So in a B29: No — you do not NEED a vang, but don't let that stop you if you want one :-)

Wear your little ship in good health :-)!


waterman46 29-04-2021 09:31

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
I second Trentpieds. There isn't much use for a vang when closehauled. If you are a racer you already have a "flattening reef" built into your main for flattening the sail at the foot and it is very effective. Downwind a vang can prevent the boom from rising uncontrolled, but it's not needed for the act of jibing, as your mainsheet will be tightened during the jibe.

But I'll add that if you do a lot of coastal sailing the really great setup is to run two preventer/vangs, each one separately led back to the cockpit. I did this on my Cal29 and it "works a treat".

These can be rigged with lines from the mid-boom down to a turning block near or on the leeward rail near the shrouds, then back to another turning block midboom, then through one or two more turning blocks back to cabin top. Just leading to a cleat there would be fine, though if you have a winch there already you can add stoppers for each of the two preventer lines.

Once you get on your downwind course you just haul in tightly on the leeward preventer and tension it. Now you have the advantage of a combination preventer and vang downwind, all controlled from the cockpit. Don't forget to release this line before hauling in on the sheet!

donradcliffe 29-04-2021 09:32

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
The main use of the vang is not hard on the wind, it is to get a more efficient sail shape with less twist while reaching and running. It also helps to reduce chafe on the shrouds when running.

Mike OReilly 29-04-2021 09:41

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
My boat lacks a vang. I've managed without one by using our preventers to do the job. I'm sure a proper vang would be better, but I'm not trying to win any races with my boat. We always rig preventers as soon as the wind comes on the beam or aft.

Cheechako 29-04-2021 09:42

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
Never felt I needed one on a cruising boat. But I did have the 4 part tackle type. The ends had big snap shackles so i could use the vang as a preventer or barber hauler for the staysail. I was mostly just stored as a vang for use elsewhere!

Stu Jackson 29-04-2021 10:09

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
Get one.

here's why:

MV Caroline 29-04-2021 10:21

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
One of the best benefits for cruisers is a rigid vang will, in most cases render the need for a topping lift a redundancy. No more roach chafe, no more reef fouling and easier reefing and furling or stacking. All this not to mention flattening the main to de-power it going to weather when the wind pipes up.

tkeithlu 29-04-2021 10:33

Re: Should I have a boom vang?
It isn't just flattening. In your use, if you jibe, intentionally or otherwise, the boom can lift, breaking battens and tangling the sail in the standing rigging. Remember, a jibe happens from before the wind, so the main sheet is out and will not hold the boom down.

Consider it a safety item.

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