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shoeless 26-04-2021 20:08

MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
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I have an old MD2B that is in great shape (hardly used in 40yrs). The PO had the engine brackets bolted right to the bearers so the whole boat vibrated like mad when motoring. I recent removed the engine to clean it up, repaint it and add engine mounts. However, the mounts are too big to fit on the current bearers, and Im unable to cut the bearers down on the aft end to get the mounts in place with the current brackets (just no possible room). So I need to make new engine brackets. While the engine will be in the same place, it will no longer sit on the bearers but more so hang from them. Does anyone know if that will cause me issues? See pics for the current and future engine mounts so you can picture how this will have to go.


Tomodore 26-04-2021 20:27

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
I am not a mechanic but it seems the damping advantage of engine mounts won't work sideways. Of course you already didn't have that. Perhaps there is a local marine mechanic you could have a look see with ideas.

Mike Burch 26-04-2021 20:50

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
It would make things clearer if you rotated the pictures 90 so they are the right way up.

If I am right in that assumption, then a strong Z-shaped fitment from the mount to the existing bracket should work just fine.

Compass790 26-04-2021 23:31

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
If you made some sketches of your proposed mounting method with views frm top, side & cross section then posted those it would make it easier to comment but I agree with my fellow kiwi otherwise.

Scubaseas 27-04-2021 09:37

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
Why can't you cut down the beds/bearers? Use an angle iron bracket through bolted. Or make L brackets that through bolt to the beds. Or make new engine Z brackets as suggested as long as you can clear the starter. You could move them slightly outboard if needed but keep in mind the further out you go the more leverage will be applied to the mounts. If using the starter bracket/holder bolts make sure all the spacers are the same less you crack the starter holder which is cast iron bolts and have it not aligned with the flywheel.

Tomodore 27-04-2021 09:50

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
If you do decide to cut down your engine bed my experience was to use a vibrating multi tool. It was slow but much more control than sawsall or grinder.

raahell 27-04-2021 12:15

Re: MD2B and engine brackets/mounts
Hi Shoeless. You didn't show any pics of the aft mounts but I believe that's where the problem lies, with the aftward sloping mounts and the rising hull, you have no room at the aft mounts to cut down the bed to fit those vibration dampers? Maybe a pic there will help others understand your issue.

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