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Janet H 19-04-2021 16:56

[ended] E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
At Cruisers Forum we are pleased to offer members the occasional Vendor Giveaway Prize, which we hope will help our members learn about the sponsors who support our community. Our goal is to create ways for members to engage with our sponsors, earning a chance to win a prize donated by the sponsor. We feel this will provide the sponsor a unique opportunity to embrace our laser focused audience and provide our amazing members an easy and free way to win some gear!

A special thanks to eMarine Systems for providing the next fabulous prize!

PRIZE: 1 lucky winner will win one of these prizes:

Sol-go 115w Solar panel kit: This prize with come with one new sol-go 115w paired with Victron Energy MPPT Smart Solar Charge Controllers 75/10 (12/24V-10A), cables and circuit breaker.

Scad TM2 Tank Monitor: The SCAD TM2 is an easy to install and cost-effective solution to monitoring the liquid level in a nonmetallic tank up to 30" tall by simply touching a pad on the display. The kit comes with a fuse.

Power King Battery: Power King RCH 12-110 AGM 12V 110AH offers the performance required for deep cycling, high vibration, and dependable starting, time after time. Designed and engineered to deliver dependable, trouble free performance.

Sponsor Information:

e Marine Systems distributes all your Marine Electrical Products and takes pride in specializing in solar panels, wind generators, electric propulsion drives, inverters and batteries. They carry latest products in installation kits, control panels, high output alternators, inverters, chargers, battery isolators and battery combiners. e Marine Systems assists boat owners/mechanics to determine what their system power demands and then help size/supply the necessary components to provide a complete alternative energy system.

To enter the contest, simply do the following:
  1. Visit the following pages and select the prize you would like to own or think would be an awesome addition to your boat!
  2. Copy the URL of that item from the Website (the web address at top of your browser) and paste the URL into a post in this thread/discussion.
  3. Include a few words in your entry post about why you would like to own that item and how you might use it.
That's all you have to do, BUT you must do both things.

More Rules and Info:
  1. Any member of Cruisers Forum may enter.
  2. Members can only post once in the contest thread, so be sure to check you have included the link AND short statement about the item and how you might use it or why you think desire it before you post!
  3. Entries without links will be disqualified.
  4. Members who have made a mistake may hit the red triangle to report the post and alert the moderators.
  5. Members must post a link back to one of the page on the following product pages:
  6. On the last day of the contest we will close the thread and randomly pick a post (or posts) in the thread, that will be the winner. We will use to choose a number between 2 and the last entry number (seeing the first post is the announcement). Whatever number is selected equates to the post number that wins.
  7. No purchase is required to enter.
  8. We will announce the winner at the end of the thread and close it again.
  9. Members who break the rules will be disqualified!

This contest will end on May 3rd, 2021
Winner will be chosen at random at the end of the giveaway

If you have a question about how to enter please contact a moderator but don't post to this thread.

If you are a new member your post may take a little time to display - please do not resubmit the post.

Don Joyce 21-04-2021 08:18

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

djmoynahan 21-04-2021 08:37

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

This would be my 1st experience with solar on my new boat. I cant wait to get started.
Thank you for the opportunity to win this.


REB_Colorado 21-04-2021 08:39

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
We like eMarine! Hello eMarine, hello Paul, hello Dianne!

PLANET EXPRESS 21-04-2021 09:11

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
This would provide the extra power to bake bread at anchor without having to burn gas/diesel.

HRowland 21-04-2021 09:13

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

I donít have solar charging capability on my boat and would love to add it. This looks like a nice package!
I like that a Victron MPPT is included, they have very high quality products, although I do wish it was the smart solar version!

Ita 21-04-2021 09:44

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

I need more power to keep the fridge running in south Floridaís heat

STEPHEN CURRIER 21-04-2021 10:03

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

this would really help keep me independent from shore!!

George_SD 21-04-2021 10:52

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
Solar panel and charge controller would go a long way in extending the ability to run autopilot without warring about draining batteries. At the same time when on anchor it would give the ability to run the fridge a keep the food from going bad.

japawil 21-04-2021 16:15

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

As luck would have it, Iíve been contemplating adding solar panel atop my dodger; this could be just the ticket!🤞

bstreep 21-04-2021 16:16

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

I'm in! If I win one, I'll pay for a second one. I've been putting this project off wayyyy too long.

Spot 21-04-2021 17:02

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

The 115 w kit would be awesome as it would provide 2x the charging power of my present system and really help as I do not have any other source of power outside the battery and the sun.

sagablu 21-04-2021 17:15

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
I certainly could use a bit more solar to keep my electronics running while underway.

BlueH2Obound 21-04-2021 17:31

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.

This would give me good visibility on my two water tanks. Excellent addition to my boat!:thumb:

MarkMac 21-04-2021 17:44

Re: E-MARINE GIVEAWAY ends May 3rd.
Would love to have this on my boat. Knowing how my tanks levels without having to go look or guess would be a great improvement.


Mark SV/Spirit

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