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UFO 12-04-2021 23:49

EVE LiFePO4 280Ah 3.2v Battery Review
Thought for those interested I would give a run down of the batteries which recently landed - I will try and update with more info over time, as they are not even in the boat yet.

I have 1120Ah @ 12v which is 16 x 280 x 3.2v which were purchased on Alibaba from a supplier recommended by a friend - He has been running the same for the last year and has had zero problems with them - He also lives aboard.

Cost of batteries including shipping, duty and GST was USD $1865 whilst other upgrades to accommodate them on the boat is around USD $2000.

Purchase to delivery in Australia was 8 weeks (Lithiums have to come by boat into Australia), this would have been 6 weeks if TNT had not delivered to the wrong address, who was a mine worker and was away from home for 2 weeks.

A thorough physical inspection revealed no issues and all walls, seals and terminals are in good condition, so from that front I am very happy. I did order larger bus bars, but China being China they had to stitch me up on something - Instead of the 20mm x 4mm Busbars they gave me 20mm x 2mm and only 20 of them as well, so that was a bit annoying.

I checked the voltage of each battery and they appear very well matched with 10 @ 3.304v, 2 @ 3.303, 2 @ 3.305, 1 @ 3.302 and 1 @ 3.307.

After Paralleling them all up to create a whopping 4480Ah bank @ 3.2v I proceeded to Top end balance them - Firstly up to 3.4v, which took around 5 days and then to 3.5v and then 3.6v which I did over several hours - At 3.6v every one of the cells is reading 3.600v.

I am pretty happy with everything so far and will update as things progress.

evm1024 13-04-2021 15:50

Re: EVE LiFePO4 280Ah 3.2v Battery Review
Don't to forget the capacity. Some vendors state 280 AH and the cells only deliver 224 ah. Just pick a set of 4 cells and see what you got.

224 AH is 80% of 280 AH and any cells that come in at 224 are likely pulled from use and not new.

I have a set of 280 AH cells advertised as new but averaging 224 plus or minus. The vendor is being a pain in regards to testing. I'm asking for a partial refund.

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