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AlanT 20-04-2021 10:53

Re: Lagoon 42, and The Catamaran Company

Originally Posted by bstreep (Post 3386409)
I'm a real estate appraiser. I tell new home buyers that the biggest single mistake they can make is not hiring their own inspector. So, did you have a surveyor for your new boat?

I agree!

One might think you don't need a surveyor on a new boat - and depending on teh curcumstances you mightt be right, but this boat had been sailed on a lengthy delivery voyage and many of the issues resulted from that voyage, so yes a survey was needed.

In my only new boat purchase it was a Hylas which we had delivered off the ship in Ft Lauderdale. We watched for a month as the rigging crew put the boat together and Hylas provided a skipper for our inaugural voyage Ft Lauderdale to Newport RI. We discovered many things during that voyage that needed attention and all were dealt with by the manufacturer (Hylas). Point being the manufacturer's rep was on board as issues developed and had a stake in helping us get them resolved. Hylas service and attention to issues was exceptionally good (the previous owners Jachney).


Bullshooter 20-04-2021 11:18

Re: Lagoon 42, and The Catamaran Company
I agree with what GRIT said. Exactly.

But another point, is How exactly to you tell a good surveyor from a bad one before hiring? Can you typically get references for that?

cyan 20-04-2021 13:04

Re: Lagoon 42, and The Catamaran Company

Originally Posted by more (Post 3386893)
your bigger mistake that you did not use an authorized lagoon dealer. for Florida is
other dealers

Yes, a very good lesson... in deception: This large company has many Lagoon pics... and THESE little gems on their website:
1. "In 1998 The Catamaran Company was appointed the dealer for Lagoon Catamarans".
Also this:
2. "In 2005, The Catamaran Company continued its expansion with the opening of the Annapolis Catamaran Center and within 12 months was appointed the Lagoon dealer for the Mid-Atlantic States."
3. For the past 20 years we were previously the largest Lagoon dealer in the world.

Yet, the only current US East Coast authorized Lagoon dealers seem to be:
-Sound Yachting
-Annapolis Yacht Sales
-St. Barts Yachts
-Atlas Yacht Sales

Hmmm.... oh WAIT. Here it is. Very tricky...
"As a previous Lagoon Catamaran dealer, The Catamaran Company can provide you with the support and expertise to help you select your perfect yacht." (had to really search for that one)

The Better Business Bureau shows them with a "D" rating (very bad) and 3 recent complaints, all apparently unresolved. FYI, the BBB posts business' responses to complaints, which are normally polite with a desire to resolve the issue. These? Not so much.

Thank you, manisland. I'm sorry for your bad experience, but you have officially saved one more family from a similar mistake.

GRIT 21-04-2021 01:45

Re: Lagoon 42, and The Catamaran Company
Manisland: Thanks for the compliments. You're making me blush.

CYAN: Thanks for posting your research. That is very misleading advertising. I always thought the Catamaran Company was a dealer too; no wonder why.


malbert73 21-04-2021 06:27

Re: Lagoon 42, and The Catamaran Company
This illustrates a much bigger issue and that is quality control in new production boats. The market has spoken and size and price are what matter much more than anything.

And folks are probably equating new boat to a new car where it’s flawless off the lot, and warranty repairs are infrequent and easy.

Don’t know how to fix the pervasive issue of the mismatch between perceived value of a new “cheaper production” boat and actual headaches involved for most people?

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