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jeffpros7 24-01-2021 17:46

The Misconduct
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Been working on ships for two years. Recently I have decided to get a sailboat and I have picked a challenge. She may be in bad shape but she is mine. Hopefully she will be on the high seas soon Attachment 231143Attachment 231144Attachment 231145Attachment 231146Attachment 231147

MikeHoncho 24-01-2021 18:27

Re: The Misconduct
Wow, she’s a beaut. Congratulations?

Don C L 24-01-2021 19:11

Re: The Misconduct
Every boat lives because someone dreams. Good luck and send photos!
I wonder what they did to the stern? Were they planning to put in an aft cabin?
Welcome aboard BTW.

CSY Man 24-01-2021 19:39

Re: The Misconduct
How much did the previous owner pay you to take over that mess? :confused:

Celestialsailor 24-01-2021 19:49

Re: The Misconduct
Was anyone hurt in the explosion?

Orion Jim 24-01-2021 20:09

Re: The Misconduct

Originally Posted by CSY Man (Post 3327615)
How much did the previous owner pay you to take over that mess? :confused:


We all have to start somewhere but you have your work cut out for you. Good luck. :thumb:

Spot 24-01-2021 20:18

Re: The Misconduct
Ahoy Jeff! Welcome to CF.

BugzyCan 24-01-2021 20:29

Re: The Misconduct
It floats, that's a start. Should keep you busy for a while. It sure looks busy inside, obviously a lot of history.

boatpoker 24-01-2021 22:31

Re: The Misconduct
nuthin' that 100k and 3-4 yrs of seven days a week won't fix.

Adelie 24-01-2021 22:33

Re: The Misconduct

I would suggest updating your profile with your general location and your boat made & model in the "Boat" category. This info shows up under your UserName in every post in the web view. Many questions are boat and/or location dependent and having these tidbits under your UserName saves answering those questions repeatedly. If you need help setting up your profile then click on this link:

If you need further help let me know, I would be happy to.

RaymondR 25-01-2021 01:06

Re: The Misconduct
Don't let the negative scoffers discourage you mate, a few weekends and a bit of paint and she'll look like new.

GordMay 25-01-2021 02:51

Re: The Misconduct
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Jeff.

chrisr 25-01-2021 03:52

Re: The Misconduct
wish you luck..but for god's sake do your sums.

imho you'll spend 2 years hard work + $30,000 to fix this thing up, and at the end it will be worth about $10k

doesn't make sense does it !


AA3JY 25-01-2021 04:10

Re: The Misconduct
Hmmm..Boot Key location..?😎

LittleWing77 25-01-2021 06:02

Re: The Misconduct
What kind of boat is it, Jeff? LOA? Glass or wood hull?

You've taken on quite a project, but I think she'll look as if she can breathe again with at least a good and thorough cleaning, eh?

Also getting rid of all those excess docklines that make her look as if she's secured by a rat's nest of lines...

Good luck with your new boat! Spot (above) and wingssail are at the end of refits and can be relied on for a virtual beer and commiseration as you work your way through the various elements.

Best wishes and Welcome to the Forum,
LittleWing77 :biggrin:

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