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Gunther wurth 06-01-2021 13:06

Good day fellow sailors. I need your help! Do you know of a place or person in America that does shipping. We want to order a few small parcels from different shops/amazon/eBay and want someone to make it 1 box to ship to the Caribbean. It will save us alot of money as to send different small parcels.
Would really appreciate any info!!

Shrew 06-01-2021 13:21

Re: Shipping!!
What you're looking for in the logistics world is referred to as "Consolidated Shipping". Though I've never seen it done at the consumer level.

I would start with "". They have a small business division as well as mailboxes, pack and ship internationally and could probably handle small shipments.

Narfi 06-01-2021 13:33

Re: Shipping!!

Originally Posted by Shrew (Post 3315027)
Though I've never seen it done at the consumer level.

There are small businesses who do this for getting stuff from Seattle to Alaska, though I assume they are unique in their having a clear 1 route they are familiar with and probably have the logistics for cheapest etc.... already figured out. They often do expediting as well as forwarding.

JPA Cate 06-01-2021 13:42

Re: Shipping!!
There's an outfit called "My USA" who are "re-shippers". Your parcels get shipped to them, and they consolidate and ship outside the US. We have used them, and there were no problems. No other connection with them.


wholybee 06-01-2021 13:45

Re: Shipping!!
Yes there are a number of companies that do this, though I have never done it personally, I looked at it as an option when I was cruising in New Zealand.

This just came up on a google search "international shipping forwarder"

Fun4Life 06-01-2021 13:54

Re: Shipping!!
Thank you very much

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