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n5ama 27-10-2020 08:14

What is this??
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There is a boat near my slip that I would like to identify. Anyone have a clue what this little boat might be? It's about 20' long and a true canoe shape.


psk125 27-10-2020 09:45

Re: What is this??
Looks like it might be a refurbished lifeboat. Nicer looking than many.

n5ama 27-10-2020 16:25

Re: What is this??
The thought never crossed my mind. That application is really thinking outside the box. No lifelines or any of that fancy stuff but it does have a rather typical motor control panel for a diesel. I've yet to see anyone on or around it or I'd beg to go sailing it with him/her one day. ;<)

n5ama 07-11-2020 19:05

Re: What is this??
I met the owner of this boat yesterday. She said the boat was originally made in Florida (6) and the license/design was sold to someone in Houston that made two of them. This boat is the first of the two made in Houston.

This boat and several others are used with the local Sea Scout group.

She told me the make of the boat but it was very windy and I didn't hear it clearly. I'll make another attempt later under better conditions.

Phantom Jim 07-11-2020 20:39

Re: What is this??
The boat is a Seaforth 20, marketed many years ago as a very stout ocean crossing pocket cruising sailboat. I do not have any other data at my fingertips but I do have a VCR that features it; "Pocket Cruiser, How to Equip a Trainer-Sailer for Serious Ocean Cruising".

Phantom Jim 08-11-2020 05:30

Re: What is this??
The sailboat is listed as the Seaforth 24 at the following site:

n5ama 09-11-2020 05:48

Re: What is this??
That’s it!!!
Thanks Jim!

I would be hesitant to go very far offshore with this boat but it does look like it was designed to address some of the heavier weather issues.

I’d be somewhat reluctant to make a trip to the bow without a harness but I guess people have sailed blue water with less capable boats.

Phantom Jim 09-11-2020 07:04

Re: What is this??
i saw the Seaforth 24 at the Houston Boat Show many years ago and realized she was a very strongly built boat. Small but strong. Not many amenities but not much room inside to bounce around in rough seas.

n5ama: PM me if you want more information about her.

n5ama 09-11-2020 07:57

Re: What is this??
I see you are in Kemah. The boat is just a few slips past me at Bal Harbor (north end of Clear Lake). It’s fairly clean but needs its bottom cleaned real bad.

n5ama 09-11-2020 08:00

Re: What is this??
BTW, there is a good chance you saw this very boat at that boat show. This boat was the prototype of only two made in the Houston area.

Phantom Jim 09-11-2020 10:21

Re: What is this??
I am certain that this is the boat I saw at the show then. Great boat but not for my purposes, just too small for local cruising. If I were single and wanting to go offshore back then, I would have given it serious consideration.

Is it for sale?

n5ama 09-11-2020 16:43

Re: What is this??
I think it’s cute but it won’t work for me either. I don’t need much room but I can’t imagine it having much headroom or other amenities.

I’m not sure if it’s for sale but I didn’t ask.

Phantom Jim 09-11-2020 20:44

Re: What is this??
Your (assuming you own what your profile has listed) CD 25D may well be a better boat than the Seaforth 24. It certainly is a more common design. The interior is very nice and the CDs have sterling pedigree.

n5ama 09-11-2020 21:07

Re: What is this??
I don’t know if my 25D is more seaworthy but I would be very nervous going to the bow of the Seaforth in even moderately heavy weather (on all fours with fingernails and toenails digging into the gel coat).

My boat is a bunch smaller than your Pearson, but its big enough for the wife and I (for short trips) and I do like the head layout.

Phantom Jim 10-11-2020 05:40

Re: What is this??
I would much prefer the CD25D than the Seaforth 24, but that is my preference. I like the traditional appearance and layout. The CD25D is a 25 foot boat where the Seaforth is actually a 20 foot boat where the extensions add to make 24 feet. That 5 feet of deck length translates to a lot of interior volume.

Lyn and Larry Pardey always maintained that the best boat is the boat one currently has.

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