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jdoe71 27-02-2009 08:06

Boat storage Florida east coast
We're looking at options for keeping a boat down south in the next year or so. Right now we're leaning towards storing the boat on the hard on the Atlantic coast of Florida in summer and sail Bahamas in winter. We need a place that is DIY friendly. However, the impression I get is that marinas/yards that cater to this scenario are scarce and getting scarcer. We're looking for something like Green Cove Springs which I am told has an extensive waiting list. We know diddly about this area and are planning on taking a two week trip down there to scout around but it would be nice to have some ideas to start with. Anybody have any information on places that might be suitable and have space for a 36 footer?

Hudson Force 27-02-2009 08:24

Green Cove Springs is a good candidate for your needs, but I would also look at the Westland Marina within the Titusville Municipal Marine Basin. It's a large DIY facility that usually has space and it would put you closer to your Bahamian destination. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew

nautical62 27-02-2009 09:45

Another to consider is Indiantown - just up the Okechobee waterway from Stuart. I understand there is another similar DIY boatyard at either Galdes or Clewiston. Many Bahamas cruisers keep their boats here in the off season. I kept mine there for years.

The Indiantown Marina has a website that gives all their rates. You'll find it easily with a google search. I think they also have a post in the Vendor thread.

hanschristian38 27-02-2009 10:02

We are thinking about doing the same sort of thing in the future. We are interested in the marina at Brunswick, Georgia. It isn't far from Florida and we think we might insurance for a bit less by being in Georgia.

We have stayed at that marina for several weeks and they were great. Not too far fromt eh airport - Jacksonville I believe.

Vasco 27-02-2009 12:33

Tiger Point Marina in Fernandina, Westland in Titusville and Indiantown near Stuart. That's about it for east coast Florida unless you have really big bucks. Brunswick is wet storage only. Green Cove Springs is the cheapest but you'd better check it out first. It might not be to your liking. The waiting list doesn't really exist, if you turn up and they haul you, you're in.

scallywag 27-02-2009 15:30

You better be up front with your insurance carrier. You will find insurance rates in Florida high! Oasis Marina is in St. Augustine and a DIY. St.Augustine Marine is also available but not DIY. Both have web sites.

hatteras 27-02-2009 21:31

Mobile, Al
Keep Alabama in mind were right next to Florida on the coast and half the cost.

jdoe71 28-02-2009 09:30

Thanks everyone for the input, that gives us a starting point. While we wouldn't rule out other areas, it's the proximity to the Bahamas that makes us focus on this area. I know there's a yard in Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbour that would be suitable but it makes it more of a haul to get to the Bahamas.

Rick, thanks for the info on Green Cove Springs, we have acquaintances who keep their boat there and once they return next spring we intend to find out more from them about conditions there. Big bucks are not us, our current marina is spartan and we're happy to deal with that.

Thanks again everyone.

nautical62 28-02-2009 09:52


If you want convenience,

I've left West End in the evening entered the St. Lucie inlet early morning and been hauled out at Indiantown early that afternoon and am either working on my boat or heading home less than 24 hours after leaving the Bahamas. Heading the other way, I often went to Stuart the day I launched, down to Palm Beach the next day and sometimes even did a night sail that evening to the Bahamas. It doesn't get much more convenient than that.

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