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LordChase 21-02-2009 03:12

Liveaboard NC Outer Banks
Looking to move on a live aboard at the end of this year to the outer banks of NC. Ive had enough of the mountains and ready to be back! Unfortunately i do know know if this is realistic? I do not have any special talents and haven't completed school so i would have a normal 40hr week job at 8$ an hr. have to support my girlfriend and soon our kid.Fairly good with saving money and ive always been taught its not how much you make but what you do with what you make. Any tips on making this motto work or am out of luck just due to not enough funds? What are ALL the bills you guys have and how much are they? i have herd good stuff about the fishing in oriental so i would like to relocate to there if possible anyone have experience there or any other place on the coast near NC? I would like to do some traveling i would mostly just cruise the sound and rivers but maybe in a couple years venture to Keys. Could something like a gibson cruiser houseboat make it through rough water? it would be a 42' or a 50'. i cant get her to go for one of those "coastal" Holiday mansions. Also any suggestions on double or tri cabin liveaboards between 38-50'? ive doen plenty of serching but cant find something with room and comfort like a houseboat and versitility of a fishing and cruiser. Sry its so long all input appreciated!!

jack9450 21-02-2009 05:04


I live in S. Florida but am originally from New Bern, N.C. and very familiar with eastern N.C. Oriental is a nice laid back area. Although water front property and dockage have become outrageously priced over the last few years. I am currently looking for a 45 sport fish to live on and have done a lot of research. A decent boat will run about 50K. Hopefully with diesel engines and a generator. It will be hard to find though. Given the amount you say you will be making with the responsibilities you say you have will be tough. I'm 24, single and make around 50-60K a year and will still be struggling with the expenses. Then again, South Florida is a lot more expensive. Try, search under boats using the word "liveaboard" or "dockage" and see what comes up.


jack9450 21-02-2009 05:48

I just realized I spelled the web site wrong, it's: Also, I wanted to mention that jobs down there are tough to come by. It's very localized and a lot of the folks that born and raised there never leave. So jobs will be competative. It's not a very developed area at all compared to other area's. You might try New Bern. There are nice marina's there and I'm pretty sure some liveaboard slips. Oriental is only about 20-30 minutes boat ride from there.

GeoPowers 21-02-2009 06:40

I'll throw my 2 cents out for the Pelican Marina in Elizabeth City, NC. I grew up near there, it's a great area. First of all the Pelican has a great bunch of people there (most important), and welcomes liveaboards. Shower/bath/power/water/wifi/etc, but still a small marina and a friendly tight-knit group. As far as location, I am always amazed at how many beautiful days there are on the Pasquotank river with no a soul out on the water (save one or two jet skiers or a bass boat or two). It is a very easy day sail to the Outer Banks and on the intercoastal. Lastly, you are near Elizabeth City which is growing, as well as potential employment in Norfolk/VA Beach (about 45 minutes away) and the Outer Banks (especially summer seasonal work).
As far as houseboats, we have a friend with a houseboat at the Pelican. We haven't been back home in a few years, but when we were there they would get underway a handful of times a year. Wind was much more a factor than sea state in the river and sound, as the houseboat didn't take wind well at all (they have big wind footprint). If you want to know anything about the local EC/Camden area let me know. And if you're wanting to rent out in town, also let me know! :)

Tempest245 21-02-2009 07:26


Originally Posted by LordChase (Post 257199)
so i would have a normal 40hr week job at 8$ an hr. have to support my girlfriend and soon our kid.Fairly good with saving money and ive always been taught its not how much you make but what you do with what you make. Any tips on making this motto work or am out of luck just due to not enough funds? !!


There is some truth to the " It's not what you make, but what you keep" axiom; however, when your fixed expenses exceed your income you don't have much room to save. An $8 an hour job for 40 hours yields an annual income of $16,640. You might have to forget the 40 to 50 foot cruising/fishing boat and get serious about how you can increase your earning potential. You could easily find yourself working 80 hours a week and not making ends meet. In your situation, I might be looking for a job at a college or university, or civil service; they often have good health benefits, you will need them. Get your GED and then acquire a skill or go to night school. A 40/50 foot boat is one more dependent than you need right now.

James S 21-02-2009 09:49

I'm normally the "go for it" kind of guy both for my self and my advice, but I would have to agree with Tempest, although I'm not sure about the GED thing.

I quit school and left home at the end of the tenth grade...took my GED a couple months later...passed, or so I heard, never got any paper work on it since I had itchy feet.

I always said/lied I was a high school graduate, I was never asked to produce any documentation.
Having said that I'm 50 and things may have changed.

I didn’t start having kids until well into my 30s so I had the chance to be Huckleberry Fin with no one to worry about but myself.

Sounds like you’re in a different "boat".

My focus would be on doing everything in my power to insure the health and well being of that precise little baby that you will be blessed with.

Believe me, that can easily be the adventure of a life time!

LordChase 21-02-2009 19:39

well i graduated HS in 07. i have some collage under my belt and i am very good with IT work. i would praobally make more than 8 and hr but i always look at worst cases to make sure i dont exagerate reality haha. i have been looking into some kind of trade to persue more money. if you have any ideas please let me know. Ill check into the places mentioned thanks for input. and i am sure ill have quite an adventure with the new addition to my family but i kow some of the happiest day i had as a kid were on a boat ;) so hopefully hell feel the same? ive herd of people remodeling boats to add extra rooms? if anyone knows more about this let me know honesty i would like a 38' ~ seaworthy boat i could make simple and "roomy" ill note that wood is not an option. i just dont trust it o.0

shibbershabber 31-05-2009 23:57


Originally Posted by LordChase (Post 257439)
ll note that wood is not an option. i just dont trust it o.0

You mean you cant afford it ;)

Go and look at as many boats as you can. You will find that some 30' boats have more room inside than a 40'. As I found in my own search, I went to a local broker who has sort of an 'open house' every month. The first 3 that I saw were 34', 38' and a 30' All three felt the same inside.

Do you have any money saved now? Or are you going to finance it?

Anyhow, go and do it. Dont listen to anyone telling you its not possible or a bad idea.

People will always try to shut you down. Just go get the boat and raise your family.

I am in the process of selling of my house and its contents to fund my life aboard with my wife and two kids(2 & 5). Our families will probably try to have us locked up in a mental institution when we tell them...
But they were naysayers dead set against a lot of things we do, and everytime they are wrong.

My wife and I delivered out son at home, alone, no drugs, no doctors, nothing. People talked as if it would bring about Armageddon to do such a thing. That was two years ago and my son is just a perfect as the day he was born (without incident I might add).

I know its cliche... but you can do anything you set your mind to.


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