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Beemer 21-02-2009 01:12

Need help with prop shaft sizes
Hey guys, someone just stole my starboard prop off my 30 foot pacemaker sedan, and the boat is in chicago, and I'm in Omaha. I need to find out the prop shaft size so I can search for a new pair of props, so I have a matched set, since i have no clue what is on there right now on the port side.

The boat is a 1973 Pacemaker Sedan Bridge, with twin chevy 327 Crusader motors. These might be replacements/repower since every Pacemaker I've ever seen came with Chrysler motors (318/360/440).

If anyone can shoot me to a link that has shaft sizes they used, please let me know. Also, if you have the same year pacemaker and it has 318's, I'd bet they used the same shaft size.

I'm planning on putting superchargers on both of the 327's in the boat..that or turbochargers, with turbos being the easier way to go since they only hog fuel when spooled, while a blower even kills fuel mileage when idling.

Thanks a bunch and let me know.

Also, if ANYONE has ever heard of a MOROVIA Yacht, I found a 35 footer in chicago I can pick up cheap. Owner says it was made in Monte Carlo, under contract from some american yacht company in the late 70's or early 80's. I believe it has twin 350's, pure inboard. Morovia (or Moravia, not sure which) makes those UBER MEGA YACHTS in Monte Carlo now, and they refuse to return any email queries about the boats at all.

Supposedly either 20 or 200 hulls were made, and then apparently shipped over to the US for drive system installation and sale.

Their website is useless. So if anyone can find out anything about this boat, please email me at

Same with the shaft diameter. I can get this boat for a grand and my pacemaker, so it is tempting, since it has both props AND an old but functional radar set..which I'd have to buy anyway.

Thanks and let me know

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