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pushstudios 02-08-2020 11:41

Just Getting Started
'Ten miles behind me, and ten thousand more to go.'

Hi all, Newbie here, living in New England. I'm Eric and caught the sailing bug while racing for a few seasons in San Diego many years ago. Just turned 59, kids in college, single, and starting to get serious about cruising as a retirement plan.

My intent is to be methodical - signing up for classes, reading, and volunteering as crew. Lightening my possessions now as I work toward finding a boat to fix up/live aboard.

So about that boat. . . I want to be able to learn to single hand it when needed, so I can't imagine anything over 42' (?) or so. I'm handy with tools, so I don't mind putting in repair time, learning each system as I go. I'm favoring a ketch, center cabin, where all lines lead to.

So, I don't know where to start with brands and year made/models. Of course I'd love an Amel Super thing, but I'm probably playing with only $100k all in. Plastic boats don't do it for me.

The intent is to cruise locally for a while, learning the boat and acquiring the skills to gradually take longer passages. Thinking Caribbean and then the Grenadines. After that, the world! Lol.

Any thoughts on the above, recommendations for a good psychologist to talk me out of this, or any wealthy beautiful women who want to join me - all are welcome. Just wanted to say hi, let you know how much I appreciate all (most) of the good spirited people offering advice and wisdom. I've been lurking for a while, now it's time to get my feet wet.



djousset 02-08-2020 11:49

Re: Just Getting Started
Welcome Eric!

1. You do not need a psychologist.
2. You will need this forum, they are wonderful.

I bought my first boat 3 years ago at 57 and have no regrets. It's an older boat, a beamy tank that feels solid and safe. (You don't t need to spend a lot to find a good fit.) I wasn't very knowledgable.... and it's been a ton of work..... and pure joy. Depending on where you are we can point you in the direction of good people to talk to.

pushstudios 02-08-2020 12:08

Re: Just Getting Started
Thank you, djousset. That's just what I wanted to hear! I don't mind a ton of work, and I'm not interested in a showroom shine. Dependable functionality and solid seaworthiness are at the top. The most dangerous thing is my lack of experience, and I'm (hopefully) enough of a scaredy cat to not allow myself to get into anything too far over my head.

Thanks again.

LittleWing77 02-08-2020 14:12

Re: Just Getting Started

Originally Posted by pushstudios (Post 3199994)
'Ten miles behind me, and ten thousand more to go.'

Of course I'd love an Amel Super thing, but I'm probably playing with only $100k all in. Plastic boats don't do it for me

You're a 59-year-old singlehander and you would like a 53' Amel Super Maramu (made famous by YouTubers s/v Delos)?

Have you ever single-handed a 53' yacht? Have you ever single-handed a sailing vessel of any kind at all? :facepalm:

Actually, the first person you ought to seek counsel from is right above. DJ (djousset) just completed his first single-handed passage on a MUCH more modest boat (see his recent thread "Tips for a single-hander?" ).

O, Eric, have you got a LOT to learn...


djousset 02-08-2020 14:20

Re: Just Getting Started

Maybe you're thinking of someone else...(or it's my thread I started First Solo Jitters.) Either way it's "her"...and I am not very experienced, but my inexpensive boat served me well!

pushstudios 02-08-2020 19:43

Re: Just Getting Started
Ah, LittleWing77, thank you for your insightful and helpful reply. I was amazed that you could infer so much without apparently ever reading my post. Well done, sir. Your thoughts were very precise, if not entirely accurate.

Your tone of patience and sincerity came through loud and clear, and I now feel very welcome to ask questions and be encouraged to follow my dreams. Oh, and your use of the head-slapping emoji conveyed just the right amount of condescension to both bring you up and put me down. Masterful. Again - well done!

Your rhetorical (I assume) questions of my experience could have all been answered by only reading my first paragraph, but why let that information prevent you from all letting us know how much more experience you have than I sir, a self-confessed newbie (2nd paragraph, 3rd word). But, experience such as yours is what I've come to this forum for, so I won't be discouraged one bit.

Indeed, I look forward to any helpful and - undoubtably - insightful wisdom you would be good enough to share with us newbies. I will promise to do my best to separate the message from the messenger in the future.

Happy Sailing to You!

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