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Jaco Versfeld 02-08-2020 06:22

Opinion please: Monohull-Converted Life Boat-Gaff
Good day,

We are currently doing research on dolphin and whale vocalisations in False bay, South Africa. As such, we deploy sensors in the sea, which we leave to float around, and then collect 1 to 3 hours later. (We have proper ethical clearance and research permits, where we minimise risk to the whales and dolphins, especially limiting the possibility of entanglement ) We also deploy "dipping hydrophones", where we suspend a hydrophone 9 meters below/behind the sailing vessel.

We currently have a Beneteau 26, which works great. What I love about sailing boats with our current set-up, is that we can do our recordings under sail, without any engine noise.

However, we have some work coming up where we want to overnight, as well as do recordings a bit further from land (40 - 50 NM offshore).

Would you recommend something like this:

What would the major negatives of such a boat be?

As the intended application is research and not racing, we are looking for a safe, sea-worthy boat, that can be easily sailed short-handed with novice crew. (I normally skipper the boat, with some basic sailing experience, which I constantly try and improve ...).

I see that it has an Aluminium hull, I am not sure what they used for the keel, and whether it is properly galvanic isolated??

Any information and suggestions will be greatly appreciated,

psk125 02-08-2020 18:52

Re: Opinion please: Monohull-Converted Life Boat-Gaff
You might be better off in the Beneteau. Lifeboats are designed to hold as many people as possible and to stay afloat for a short time until someone comes to rescue them. They are not designed to move very well. They are NOT designed to sail, so any "conversion" rig is not likely to perform well. (Does it have a fixed propeller that will impede sailing progress?) That means getting the engine to run (the fact that they include an outboard - mounted on the lifeboat indicates that it probably doesn't)- and continue to run - may blow your budget. It may roll uncontrollably in a seaway - incapacitating the crew with seasickness. Another thread about this led to the suggestion of chartering a vessel suitable vessel with a professional captain. Doing that might end up being cheaper than getting this "deal".

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